Any infor on Interim Health Care?

  1. Hi Friends,

    I am considering signing with another agency in Western Pa, Have any of you heard of or worked for Interim healthcare? I would appreciate all honest feedback. Thanks.
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  3. by   Ekaye
    Hi Badbird, I've worked for Interim in Louisville Ky,(Home Health),Tulsa Okla, and St Louis Mo, for hospital staffing. I think they are a good company to work for. The pay isn't always on top of the scale but this is one reason they can keep nurses working. Some times the people in the local office aren't friendly, but they are always a phone call away. What I like about this company, is if you say don't call me at 5 A.M. except to cancel, they don't. Not all companies get that message. Good Luck I think you will like working with Interm
  4. by   kids
    Husbands ex-wife hurt OTJ for them 6 weeks ago in OKC, OK...canceled her contract...and are fighting her workers comp claim.
  5. by   Rosanna
    falsly accused i was accused of something on my last job and i dont know how to rectify this,since this happened they say that i have been de-activated and that i am no longer employed by them. this has been the only job that i have had for the last 7 years and i would have to use them as a reference,so this is a mess. i only need to work part time untill i retire but not working now will cause me not to be able to continue to exist financially,and might cause me to even loose my home.i guess what i need to know is!!!! how do i make them prove what i was supposed to have done?
  6. by   Brownms46
    I worked for them in S. C....but wish I have never done so! Money rarely correct, and had a hard time back then getting their checks cashed! They had no direct deposit at the time, and it was a hassle getting paid! Also they don't back you when a problem comes up. Didn't happen to me, but to others I knew!
    I also staff wasn't very friendly in S. C. either, and they weren't nurses, and no clue as to what we did, or didn't do!

    I worked for them as per diem...and yes the pay was much lower then the agencies I left them for! There's a lot of other things I could say about them, but it happened a long time least about 7 or 8yrs ago, and things might have changed. But I just know they left a bad enough taste in my mouth...that I wouldn't even bother to try, and work for them again....even it there the last agency left...along with one other company!
  7. by   adrienurse
    I used to work on an interim care unit. I really don't know if this is reflective of interim care in general, but I found it really frustrating. It takes a lot out of the elderly to adjust to noe place ant its staff and then have to move. I was also frustrated with its "we are just here to warehouse people" mentality. No rehab services were available and we were forced to pick up way to much of that slack (eg. if we had a patient who fell and broke their hip). But then again, maybe my employment (not a private facility) were just cheap b****rds.
  8. by   caliotter3
    Hey there adrienurse\\

    I think this post is about the company named "Interim Health Care" an agency, not about interim care units. Sometimes I read threads very fast too.
  9. by   adrienurse
    My mistake. I need to actually start reading posts.
    Okay, we have Interim Health Care, the agency here. It was renamed Bayshore in this area. Apparently there was too much confusion between Intern and interim. I have found that the caliber of the staff seems to have improved over the las couple of years.
  10. by   BadBird
    Thanks to all who responded, I decided not to go with them.
  11. by   Brownms46
    Why did you decide not to go with them? Just curious..
  12. by   eddy
    I didn't like 3 Interim offices I have dealt with in the past. Disorganized, never backed employees, "ghost booked" shifts, and on and on.

    One time I went to a hospital and saw the unit schedule. My name was down for like 60 hours for the next week. I never booked these! They were also all over the place (one day 7p-7a next day 3-11, next day 7a-7p, and so on). I talked to the Interim manager and she said that this was common practice to "protect shifts from other agencies". I told her she would not be using my name to do that anymore (my reputation and lic was on the line NOT theirs), and she would also call and explain that there was an error on THEIR part, and I was not scheduled for those days. I was VERY angry when I insisted on this. She said she would do just that. I was to be out of town the entire next week, so I knew I wouldn't be working (so did they). I booked shifts for the following week though, so when I came back I would have work to go to. I had about 50 calls on my answering machine when I got back. All from Interim begging me to work those shifts. The next day I went to my first scheduled shift back. I was promptly notified that I was a DNR for no call no shows last week. I was SO MAD MY HEAD COULD EXPLODE. I went directly to the unit charge and told her what happened last week. She told me she would look into it and get back to me. She also said my shifts had been replaced already. I went right to the Interim office and guess what?!? The manager was "busy". At least that is what the staffer told me. I said I would wait for her right there then. The staffer was confused, but said it's gonna be a while. I said, seeing as I am a DNR for NO REASON and I now have no shifts, I think I can wait. An hour passed, no sign of the manager... another passed, still no sign of her. Another 30 minutes passed so I went to the staffer and asked what could possibly take this long? She said she was "just busy". I said, "I'll go see if I can help then," and walked right into her office. She was dumbfounded. Funny but she was playing solitaire on the computer, hardly BUSY! I then posed all my questions to her in a not so pleasant manor. She first acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. Then it went to "you don't understand how this side of nursing works". Then it went to, "I'm sorry but you should have been here to work." I told her I never booked the shifts for the hundredth time. Then I told her "you already told me what you do, so don't lie". She said, "I don't have time for this." I told her now is a good time for me, solitaire can wait. She then threatened to call the police! This whole time I have been VERY PO'd but never to the point of threatening harm. I told her that's not the call you NEED to make. Then told her I'll just go back to the facility and speak with the VP (I knew her from a long time ago but we weren;t exactly chums). She told me she'd like to see me try.

    So.... I went and talked to the VP. My DNR was lifted and I was promptly back at work there through their NEW staffing agency.


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  13. by   Audreyfay
    I worked for Interim Health Care in Honolulu. They were efficient and I had no problems at all with them. Obviously, nursing agencies in different areas work differently. Probably one of the best I worked for was Favorite Nurses, because the have a national headquarters, and someone answers all the time.
  14. by   Rosanna
    Thank you for answering my Question.I know in my heart that I have been given a bad deal but it is only my word against theirs and I dont know how to solve this except to mark it up as a hard lesson learned,and my almost 10 years with them is down the tubes since I was considered part time(ha ha) part time being 45 to 55 hrs and every holiday that they could throw at me. I guess since we have no back up here in this part of Fla. I will just have to hope I can land a job without references. Thanks again Dippierose