Advice Please on BEST Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff...and SHOES

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I have started to look around to get an idea as to the types, and costs of supplies, as I anxiously await the "letter of acceptance or denial". Anything to make the process of waiting a little easier.

There are so many different types of stethoscopes and BP cuffs available, and I dont know what features to look for in either one of them.

I have heard that the Littman Cardiology 3 is a great Stethoscope, but would the Littman Classic 2 be just as good?

As for BP cuffs.... whew, dont get me started. What is the best brand and what are the differences, please?

Maybe, tell me which ones you have and which have worked the best for you.

I need to narrow down the possibilities. And while I am a strong believer that you get what you pay for, I am sure there might be some lower end models available that will do just as well.

The shoes I have read that we need, must be white and Impermeable, as well as no open toed or cloggs. My main priority with shoes is comfort, so any suggestions there will be a great help as well.

Thank you!!!!!!

My cousin told me about a stethoscope that's great for new students, it's the Lola Advanced Assessment Stethoscope. You should check it out.

I just bought the Littmann classic SE. I would also like to know about the BP cuffs also....

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most schools will have a BP cuff to use. IMO, it's a waste of money to buy one.

I will have to check out the Lola, Thanks. I will wait on othe BP cuff then, until I know for sure that it is on the list of supplies.

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I got a pair of white leather slip on Sketchers that have no shoe laces but are not clogs. I got them for around $45 on Amazon and they are SO comfortable! All the other student complain after 7 hours of clinical how their back, legs, and feet hurt and mine never do! Easy to clean/keep clean, too!

For the stethoscope, I got a basic Prestige Medical Clinical I for around $40 and used it without a problem until about a month ago when I upgraded to a Littman Classic II S.E. for around $90. I thought the Littman would be so much better/sounds clearer but I honestly hear no difference in the quality! Maybe it's just me but I feel like I wasted my money trying to "upgrade".

Like someone else said, bp cuff is probably not worth buying. It is nice to have one to practice on but your school will probably have a skills lab where you can practice doing bps for free. Just saying :)

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In case you're interested in the shoes, here is a link to them on Amazon:

[h=1]Skechers Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker[/h]

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Get high quality equipment and keep your possessions on you at all times. Ya they may call you stingy but at least you didn't lose that expensive stethoscope . I have the littman classic SE $75, a super cute BP cuff by prestige (Hawaiian flowers $24), and bandage / utility shears by Millet $20, shoes by SAS $99. Yes it was a splurge .. but this is necessities right? lol ok well you get what you paid for and i have not had to replace any of my tools since nursing school. My feet had no blisters and were perfectly comfortable after 8 hrs of clinical.

Thanks! Think I will do some more looking around.

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needless to say my preference is the littmann cardiology iii however, littmann stethoscopes range from $40 all the way up to the $250, the same goes for the bp cuff's it all depends on one's budget, and the ability to keep your eyes on your accoutrements so you won't lose them. in addition, when it comes to shoes that's as personal as tooth-brush, in other words shoes are a trial & error situation, it varies from individual to individual. wishing you the best ....aloha~

Thanks GitanoRN.

Yeah, I have heard about certain things "wandering off" from class. I was told to be sure to have my Stethosscope engraved when I buy it... not sure how much of a theft deterrent that will be, really.

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This is the BP cuff that I personally use. Its a palm style bulb and gauge. Very easy to use and be accurate. ADC DIAGNOSTIX Palm Aneroid, 703 Adult, Black: Health & Personal Care

Stethoscope I got the Cardio III in school and I still have it and its still perfect for my needs. I don't believe in starter stethoscopes. You want to always be confident in what you are hearing.

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