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This is exactly how I feel each time I log into the International Forum. I don't feel welcome as a foreign born nurse. I don't feel respected as a minority in this country. All I feel is the hatred... Read More

  1. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    Ah, Stanley, way to miss the point. It's called respect.
    Agree....but respect is a two way just doesn't go one way....but I did like the example you gave...It did make me laugh....thanks!
  2. by   Atheos
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    Sure seems like a lot of anecdotal evidence to me, and quite limited, at that.
    I don't remember anyone saying that their experience translated to an entire nation.
  3. by   Fiona59
    MauiBoy: you just joined the board, so you missed most of the drama that has led up to these threads. You can search the Canadian and Phillipines Forums for the material. I simply don't have time between work, kids, and my life.

    The blurbs at the top of each post no longer contain the location of the nurse. That is where posters used to say USA, UK, neverneverland, or whatever. I guess the redesign of the board did away with it.

    The red banner that appears on the top of many forums directing questions to the international area was also a result of the drama.

    People just got tired and frustrated at multiple posts on a daily basis wanting the same question answered and yes, many nurses in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries got more than a little frustrated with nurses wondering why on earth the NCLEX for the US wasn't accepted in other parts of the world. These countries aren't consolation destinations for nurses impacted in their homelands due to the US immigration freeze.
  4. by   Yin Yang
    Quote from LatinaVNStudentRN2B
    Thanks for the clarification on the exams....I'm not doubting what you're telling me, but I really do have hard with this because I see very poor English skills when they do come here and work in the US...

    That is one of the most difficult/frustrating things I see as well. When my grandmother was in the hospital here in Dallas a few months ago, I thought we were going to need to call in a translator. Her nurse was NOT filipino btw, but of middle eastern descent, and nobody could understand her. For my 80 something year old grandmother, it made her feel like she was not understood either, and it left her feeling like the care she received was not good just because of poor communication/english skills. In my nursing class, we had several foreigners that came in on student visas. They obviously passed the english tests, but they couldn't understand the lectures and most failed out (a couple made it out of the program, as scary as that was). I do believe the language skills need to be assessed more thoroughly as communication is a HUGE part of nursing in general.

  5. by   ghillbert
    Quote from LatinaVNStudentRN2B
    ...At this point retrogression is necessary due to what's happening in the economy here right now...
    What are you talking about? Retrogression of the visa categories has exactly ZERO to do with the current economic issues. They were retrogressed well before any of the recent events unfolded.

    I can read just fine, thank you. So you're "all for immigration" and "glad" about retrogression....? That makes no sense.

    Personally, I don't care what you and others like you have to say. I am well able to defend myself. I DO feel sorry for the international nurses who feel too intimidated to post or ask their questions in this forum because of certain bullies.
  6. by   Ginger's Mom
    After reading all this, the US needs a better process for screening internationally trained nurses. Australia has a bridging program which could be a model for the US. It would make the transition for all the IEN a better process.
  7. by   XB9S
    Going to close this for 24 hour cooling off period