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  1. by   lawrence01
    Quote from fruity
    so if nurses wont be included in cir what happens? does it mean no visas will be available for this summer? is there any slim chance that nurses will be discussed in line with immigration? please enlighten us......
    right now, no one knows that. it has yet to be created. only the house version has been created so far (strive act) and it contains a provision for nurses. you can read about it from this post.

    the senate version hasn't been created yet and they will try to introduce one by the end of the month or early next month after the scheduled debates in the last 2 weeks of may.

    after the senate introduces their version for this year, it has to be "mended" to the house version to make a single bill and that single bill (the cir) is what will be signed by president bush.

    when the senate version is made available (if ever) we will post it here and see if it contains a provision for nurses and if it's the same as the house's strive act (unlimited visas for green card up to a certain year) or will it be cap-limited (fixed number of visas available year after year).

    in my opinion, the question is it's not if there will be a provision for nurses in the cir. i think there will be one one way or another. it is a comprehensive immigration reform bill after all and it won't be comprehensive if something is left off. the real questions is: will the final bill contain an "unlimited" visa or will it be more conservative and be "cap-limited" for nurses but most importantly, does the final cir bill will even be passed by congress for pres. bush to sign.
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  2. by   suzanne4
    But again, at least with my thinking:

    CIR means Comprehensive Immigration Reform. And that is for everyone, but is not specific for a certain job, and it should not be. Nurses are fast-tracked in ahead of everyone else, and that is why I think that it will be under something separate. The CIR is not job specific by any means. and if vsias are re-capped like before, it will not be included with this bill, which is focused towards illegal immigration and what to do about that.

    You are still not reforming anything having to do with nurses, they have been given prefential treatment over the past few years. When others have not. That is why I do not think that it will be in this bill, but something separate. Nurses make up only one small area in terms of the immigration issues that are going on in the US right now. There are more than 2,000,000 people each and every year that get green cards and come to the US. Nurses are just a small part of that, that is why I seriously think that it will be under a separate bill. And really hope that it is. You do not need to be considered along with millions of illegal immigrants and that is what the focus of the CIR is.

    Expect something to happen for nurses around the same time, but expect it to be separate. At least that is what my crystal ball is telling me. Even if they re-cap unused visas, that will not be in the CIR, at least it should not be. Or then you will get people going into nursing strictly with the idea of getting a green card, and then never working in that area. Not a good thing.
  3. by   suzanne4
    Nurses coming from other countries are coming here with Bachelor's degrees, and are professionals. They should not be included with illegal immigrants. There is more going on with this CIR then we are actually aware of behind closed doors. USCIS has even laid off staff that do the processing of paperwork, they were contracted employees only. As well as laid off contracted staff that are at their offices in the US.

    And they are expedited when there are visas available, that is why I seriously doubt that they will be included with the CIR. But will be in a separate bill specific for nurses. Same way that there is no Schedule A either.
  4. by   bettyboop
    I agree with suzanne our best option would be a separate bill away from the CIR bill, do know theres the Hutchinson bill as well. Lets keep praying for a resolution soon
  5. by   suzanne4
    Exactly. CIR deals with unskilled laborers and illegal immigrants. That does not fit any of you. You want a separate bill for nurses.

    Right now, there is actually nothing to be done for nurses, if you are following what it actually in most of the CIR. You already have an avenue available to you to obtain a green card, it is just that it is the same amount of time that it takes for everyone esle to obtain a green card to work in the US. The issue is that RNs get expedited, and this actually angers some. So much better to be separate and in a bill that is specific for RNs. There are those with other specialties that are upset that they do not get preferential treatment. And this even goes for physicians that have done residencies in the US, they are not expedited for the green card when they finish their training.

    And you definitely do not want temporary worker status, there are many facilites in the US that will not take anyone without a green card, as they do not want employees that cannot remain definitely in the US.
  6. by   detroix
    if our section in the CIR gets junked, bridge legislation is on the way.
  7. by   lawrence01
    Whether or not there would be a provision for nurses in the CIR, we still have to wait for it to get approved or gets junked until a separate bill is entertained.

    The separate bill is on the works just like Detroix said just in case nothing happens w/ the CIR. It will be introduced immediately after CIR gets junked but it will not be entertained outside CIR.

    So.. we still have to wait. The debates will be on the last 2 weeks of May. If ever a senate version will ever be introduced, we'll post it here and see what it contains; just like what we did with the House's STRIVE Act.
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  8. by   detroix
    sigh, no bill has been passed yet, will it ever end? its been half a year.
  9. by   lawrence01
    Quote from detroix
    sigh, no bill has been passed yet, will it ever end? its been half a year.
    it will end after cir. any separate immigration bill outside cir will only be entertained after it has been junked finally this may or early june. however, if and ever cir passes and it contains a provision for nurses no need for it. i do feel that it will have a provision for nurses, but this is if and ever the us congress passes it. this is simply because, last years senate version does contain a provision for nurses (visa exempt for highly skilled worker in w/c schedule a workers is a part of) and this year's house version also contains one. the big question is: will us congress pass it ?

    the new senate version for this year is not expected until somewhere the 2nd half of may or early june when the 2 week scheduled immigration debate on the 2nd half of may ends.

    if we could remember, the hutchinson amendment wasn't allowed to be part of
    s. 4 bill (improving america's security act of 2007) because they want everything related to immigration be part of cir. they want to overhaul the whole us immigration system and not just a part of it via the cir instead of dealing one separate immigration bill one after the other. this is why they wouldn't entertain any separate stand-alone immigration-related bills before cir.

    also, the 2007 version of the skil bill (s. 1083 in thomas) is expected to be part of the 2007 cir senate version again (if there would be one) as it was also part of the 2006 senate version as an insert. (the skil bill has provisions for unlimited gc for nurses up to a certain year).

    the us congress and the white house are trying to compromise their different positions. they have been talking behind doors (for a little over a month now) to have some compromises even before the debates happens.

    this is it. if cir finally fails, a separate recapture stand-alone bill (much like the one in may of 2005) will now be entertained. so, the sooner the debates, the better. if somehow cir passes and i still believe that it will contain a provision for nurses then no need.

    nothing to do but wait on what happens.
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  10. by   suzanne4
    But there currently is no more Schedule A. And the exemption that is contained in the CIR is what most unions are protesting. And it is really not an exemption, but an unlimited cap for a certain number of years. All will still need to have a visa.

    The other issue is that a new nurse does not have any experience, so you cannot really consider them a highly trained professional. Training does not make someone highly skilled.

    And if they are highly skilled and have the MSN, then they are under the EB-2 category and their is no wait with that. And that is being processed with current dates as we speak.

    I do not think that nurses should even be mentioned in a document that deals with illegal immigrants...........
  11. by   lawrence01
    senate negotiations continue on immigration legislation
    5/7/2007 -

    negotiations are continuing among a group of senators who are seeking to come up with an immigration reform bill that can be brought to the senate floor later this month. agreement, according to several, has been achieved on a "trigger" that would delay implementation of guest worker and legalization programs until certain enforcement criteria have been met.

    sen. john cornyn (r-tx) indicated that senators have agreed to set "objective" enforcement targets which include hiring a certain number of border patrol agents and putting in place a workplace verification system.

    the next step is the issue of internal enforcement of immigration laws. sen. robert menendez (d-nj) said that they have not as yet agreed on the types of judicial review that immigration violators would be given. key issues that have not as yet been addressed are family-based immigration, legalization programs for the undocumented, and the terms of a guestworker program.

    negotiations are expected to continue daily until the floor debate begins.

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  13. by   jonRNMD
    San Jose Mercury News' view regarding CIR this year: "Uncertain at best." this is an unfortunate situation for us

    2 of my acquiantances back in Manila emailed me that their petitioners in California backed out because of uncertainties of when they would arrived in the US.....