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i am new to this forum. i am a r.n. in philippines and will migrate in canada (vancouver). i haven't actually practiced my profession as a nurse in hospital setting instead as a company nurse. ... Read More

  1. by   Barbie38
    Quote from february19
    Hi my husband just got his formal job offer from his Canadian employer and is now waiting for his LMO. He is currently working in California as a nurse with only a work permit. I believe he will be issued his TWP in the states and will relocate from there. However he plans on including me in his application with an open work visa even if I am still in the Philippines. Is this possible? If so, how will be the processing in our case be made? How soon will I be issued a visa? And do I have to have a separate application here in the Philippines. Thanks. And I'd really appreciate if someone could answer my queries.
    I have been through this process of applying to Canada. I have an LMO and I was denied. I don't really know why. But this is my story during the process.
    I had an employer who contacted me thru a friend and she sent me the LMO . I included my husband in the accompanying member of the family and sent MY application without his papers in it because I thought it would be requested later by the Embassy. About after a week, I decided to send the application papers of my husband as accompanying member on open work permit to the embassy ( so it was a separate application from mine. ) for Canada .
    After about 2 months, I received a letter that I was denied because of some reasonable circumstance husband's application reply from them, came after about 3 weeks more and indicated that he did not pass because he has not been listed as exemption to the application category???#Z%?? weird answer.
    So, maybe you need to let your husband apply first and when he will be there, apply the accomoanying member on open work permit.
  2. by   february19
    Hi Barbie38. My husband now has his LMO too and we're just waiting for his CRNBC confirmation before he applies for his TWP. Did you ask what the reasonable circumstance was? Did you have your CRNBC confirmation already when you passed your application? And, did you apply from the Philippines or in the US also? Thanks!
  3. by   Barbie38
    I did not apply yet to the CRNNS that time( College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia.) I did not know it must be done first, so I was not eligible to work because I had no eligibility letter form the CRNNS.
    Now, I have applied again for the 2nd time and I already have an eligibility from the CRNNS. BUT, I decided not to bring my husband in the application anymore. and hope IO won't be denied this time around
  4. by   5cats
    Why haven't you included your husband????
    That means he won't be able to go with you.
    You need to read carefully what you need to be eligible for a work permit and send ALL required documents.
    Family members are not a problem, except of course they are criminals, are sick or have other reasons to be denied.

  5. by   5cats
    And this information is all on the canadian immigration site, including checklists and everything.

  6. by   Silverdragon102
    I would really reconsider including your husband. He probably was denied the first time because you was denied.
  7. by   Barbie38
    They said that I do not show any reason that I will come back if my contract expires, which of course cannot be explained...
    Are they telling me that I have the tendency to stay as illegal because I donnot need to come back to the Philippines because I already have my husband in Canada. ???
    WHO is there to go back to the Philippines then??? my kids are not the reasons??/WHY should they ask this? when I am in contract in my LMO? :zzzzz
    I just thought, maybe the Canada Consul cannot think of anything to say, but this...which I just to put one plus one equals two. They meant to say that YOU can apply but YOU need to go back to the PHILIPPINES only if you leave your family behind.
    Now is my 2nd time around to apply because my LMO should not be wasted because it will expire by 2011. I sent my application Nov. 15 and until now there are no replies. Of course my medical is still actively in use.So I did not need another medical.
  8. by   5cats
    mmmh, sounds all a bit odd, soo what kind of a job have you accepted then????
    And who is your employer (friend of a friend??), it sounds like this is maybe the problem? You know for many jobs the canadian goverment is normally happy when people stay in the country, so maybe it's your job offer??

    And with not leaving the country, unfortunatly it is a problem, even here on this forum you can see from posters that some of them are in fact illegal and overstaying their visas.
    The sister of a collegue of mine was denied a tourist visa for the US for exactly that reason. And Canada faces similar problems.

  9. by   Fiona59
    When overseas workers are imported to work a term contract, they are expected to leave the country at the end of the term of employment.

    Yes, there are lots of illegals in Canada. In every field of work. And yes, they do get around to deporting them eventually.
  10. by   Barbie38
    It was a Big nursing Home facility which has branches all over Canada. I applied as a graduate nurse. My problem actually is the Head or Owner? made a contract that stated ten yrs. of for permanent term if the term of the contract- that was probably a problem..that could have made the consul disagree...anyway all dpends on how he/she will interpret this...My employer told me to reapply after I was denied but still she did not change the term of contract that she was still for ten years.
  11. by   Fiona59
    Most terms are one or two years. The ten year term is a huge red flag to the Immigration people. It just screams, I'm looking for a loophole.
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    I must admit does seem strange 10 year contract.
  13. by   dasha1111
    Yes, second to that. Never heard yet of 10 years contract... im not too sure but, it could be the MAIN reason why you didnt make it the first time, no visa granted. The Consul/s who interviews are all more than well trained to deal with all sorts of situations and even if you're not doing anything wrong but if ..just IF they feel, even at the "slightest tiny bit" of doubt, that could already be their grounds why they wont give grant you a visa. But on a lighter note, good luck on that second try.