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yesterday i was "downstaffed" to another part of the unit.

this part is not thought highly of on the unit i work on.

i went to report and was amazed at the difference.

for one thing i had a decent assignment for the first time in weeks and weeks. it was busy but not crazy busy. i actually got everything done.

in report they were talking about how one nurse hung a bag for another. my jaw dropped...that happened on my unit once.

they answered each others call bells....they ANSWERED each others call bells....i couldnt get over that.

they work as a TEAM....

the supplies are all filled. the assistants and the transport team actually did their jobs.

there was no cattiness.

we had a secretary....a good secretary.

it runs smoothly and its a nice place to work.

i went to the acting supervisor and asked for a transfer. its on the same floor but its a different unit...closed off from "hell"

mostly renal patients and diabetics. i can deal with that.

i got a two week transfer to that unit to alow myself to "catch up" on what i should already know.

it makes no difference that im new. thats what orientation is for. i was told yesterday that i should be able to perform just like the rest of the other words...they are cutting me no slack.

im also getting a charting checklist from the manager and it needs to be filled out daily and put in her mailbox.

after the two weeks i go back to "hell"

so they say.

im going to fight this. if i cant stay there i will quit and i will get an attorney. they need nurses over there too so there is no justification for them not allowing me to stay.

ive come to the conclusion they are using me ...or trying take care of the bullies on my unit because they dont want to deal with it.

im the sacrificial lamb so to speak.

i dunno...maybe im wrong but thats what it feels like.

it was pretty funny tho the other day. the one nurse who is coordinating the vendetta had another nurse come up and ask me to switch with her.

i said...shouldnt she be asking me that instead of you?

the nurse got all flustered and made up this thing where she was just working resource and that was her job.

yeah im THAT stupid.

a while later the goon came up to me and asked me to switch. now this person has deliberately made my life pure hell.

i looked at her and smiled and said "sure...ill switch"

when i informed our supervisor that i was switching and what happened she was laughing. she understood what was up with that....she said...thats right...kill them with kindness...

and thats kinda what im doing at this point. im just being nice to all the ppl that have dragged me thru the mud. in the meantime im looking around and checking options.

thanks everyone for your support.

they may eat me but im sure gonna give them heartburn

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What a great attitude you have about all of this, Frustrated! I can't say that I would be so nice about it. I'm glad to hear you are checking out your options, too. Let us know how it goes...


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Be verrrrrry careful.

I am not at all sure that flesh-eating ghouls CAN be killed with kindness.

The switch-witch may be just setting you up for the kill....good cop/bad cop?

Please consider calling kaycee's nurse recruiter.

The good unit you like is still under the control of the inefficient manager-right?

Good luck.



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i love nursing and this hospital has a very good reputation. it will look good on my resume.

the unit i have been transferred to is excellent. i had a heavy patient load and was still able to get out of there on time.

i spoke with a nurse who has been on this unit for 10 years. she told me that when she is downstaffed to the unit im supposed to be on she can count on staying at least four hours after her shift ends.

i also spoke to an orientee who told me she had to spend one day with the main nurse who is causing me all the problems and she said she left the unit in tears.

i am writing a letter to the DON as well as the CEO with a copy going to our acting manager (our mgr is on maternity leave)

if they continue to refuse my request to transfer i will leave the hospital. i will make that clear from the begining.

i will not put up with abuse by my coworkers.

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Way to go, Frustrated!!! Just remember that even though working at this hospital will "look good" on your resume'; it won't matter a tinkers d@*m if your license is in jeopardy. Continue to CYA and document, document, document! (I had had replied to your post earlier, but now I see it never got posted- my advice was the same as Charles Smiths and several others'; that this is a toxic unit; get out of there and leave them short-handed, since that seems to be what they want. And be sure that HR knows why you left; and hire an attorney to file charges after you leave).


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Frustrated how old are you??? I am 22 yo male who has one week left on my six week orientation...I do not think that I could handle the situation like you did...I have had to deal with only one problem and this was with a preceptor from hell who I had for two days (2 twelves) ...I felt STUPID she was nagging at me and *****in about every thing I was forgetting...she watched me drown at work all the time telling me I will have to catch on soon!! Anyways I talked to my supervisor and changed preceptors...however for those 2 days I wanted nothing more then to walk the hell out of my job....I know it is hard being new as you want the security of a new being new does suck...but you cant let co workers make you hate your job!...then again mayby it is because Im a guy ...and female clicks dont feel threatened by me :) good luck at work are doing the right thing!! Moe


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i am 44 years old.

i have always been able to handle things like this on my own. i would never had brought management into it.

but they are in it now and its either sink or swim.

from all ive heard about this hospital from the other staff...this is the ONLY unit like that.

they hate registry nurses...give them the worst assignments (unless im there) and they hate nurses from other units.

this is so shortsighted on their part. i could care less where that nurse comes from just so she does her job. most of the registry nurses are better than the RN's on our floor and they all pitch in.

they look down on the assistants and the secretaries. without them we couldnt do an effective job.(well sometimes the assitants are a hinderance rather than help)

i dont understand why this is the way it is on our unit. why WOULDNT you want to work as a team? it makes it all easier on everyone and better for the patients.

when i talk to the acting manager about all this she denies any of it is going on when she KNOWS that it is.

and it really pisses me off that im the sacrificial lamb.

their lack of support is just amazing.

i cant believe they are refusing to let me stay on the better part of the unit. they are hiring nurses for there too. the ppl there WANT me to stay.

im trying to think of what i want to include in this letter. i dont want to come off as threatening or giving them ultimatums.

i dont think they care about losing one nurse....nurses in that hospital are leaving in droves. i think their attitude is that they can hire new nurses...and yet...this is how they treat the new ones.

they KNOW..they ALL know.

thats their problem looking out for me. im a good nurse. i told them that. i give a high quality of care to my patients. i care about them. i take pride in my work and i want to take pride in WHERE i work. this is not possible on that unit.


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Give em hell, girl!

We are all behind you!

Do what you have to do. Even if it means going to the CEO with your notebooks and tapes, and begging on hands and knees to stay on the unit you got transferred to.....

But, DON"T let them get you on the nasty unit.

Give em all the heartburn you can.:eek:

You are worth so much more than that.

If all else fails, you have other options.

Prayers are all over you, from what it looks like to me.

Hang in there.



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contact an attorney for advice. report that nasty nurse to the board for anything. maybe when her license is in jepoardy she will start behaving like a civil human being. be sure she is not as perfect as she thinks. being vindictive can be fun. LOL. look in the policy and procedure manual and see where you can say bad words then call her a fu----- bi--- to her face in that area. what is she going to do, write you up for calling her a name in the parking lot? in the meantime, call in sick until you find a better unit. you deserve better. :cool:

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