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I am a Male nurse working at Lahey clinic, born and raised in Ireland (and England) moved here in 1996 and got my BSN @ umass lowell

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  1. MauriceC

    advice needed

    Frustrated how old are you??? I am 22 yo male who has one week left on my six week orientation...I do not think that I could handle the situation like you did...I have had to deal with only one problem and this was with a preceptor from hell who I had for two days (2 twelves) ...I felt STUPID she was nagging at me and *****in about every thing I was forgetting...she watched me drown at work all the time telling me I will have to catch on soon!! Anyways I talked to my supervisor and changed preceptors...however for those 2 days I wanted nothing more then to walk the hell out of my job....I know it is hard being new as you want the security of a new job...as being new does suck...but you cant let co workers make you hate your job!...then again mayby it is because Im a guy ...and female clicks dont feel threatened by me :) good luck at work ...you are doing the right thing!! Moe
  2. MauriceC

    Men vs. Women

    I am a male nurse just starting out...on a telemetry unit...I just graduated and am still taking everything in at work....I was one of 5 males who graduated from a class of 45 students....I would like to say in response to the post about males helping the nursing field...first off I dont believe that we influence the way wages are going...the overall shortage is what is going to influence this...there are many female nurses that I admire at my work and quite frankly some I dont know why they got into nursing...of the male nurses I know some who are great and some who are terrible and full of themselves ..when it comes to doctors I think that it all comes down to confidence...if you know what you are talking about then they seem to listen ... from what I have seen. I also agree with wildtime...old ladies do love us old men respect us...(as far as kids I havent provided any care yet!!) But I believe that the ones who are in nursing because they enjoy it and are rewarded from it you can not define as a Male or Female nurse ...just a good nurse....yet I still have to answer the questions ..." so why didnt you become a doctor?":rolleyes:
  3. MauriceC

    Another NCLEX worrier

    I just took my NCLEX this past Monday...I was stressed out the day of the exam and when I finished I thought that I had failed ...however none of class mates have failed yet ...My computer shut off at 99 questions...I have a friend who got around 200 questions and she passed ...so I am hopeful even though I felt that I did terrible (hopefully I pass now!!!) If I dont no big deal...Ill just study much harder for the next one....no offense to the girls but I think that most stress out more then guys (they also work harder studying) ...a couple of my girl friends left the test crying! hopefully they will pass and have a great carrear ahead of them...Ok good luck to all ...(fingers crossed for me) ...MOE