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Hi everyone!! Well I'm so excited that I got accepted into the Lpn program at Northwest community college. I am happy but also a little nervous. I've taking most of my pre-reqs like A&p, biology, and algebra. The fact that I found A&p to be hard scares me a little. I passed both A&P I & II with Bs while I worked two jobs so that might hav been why. I've been told that the pre-reqs are the easiest part of nursing school so I can just imagine how stressed I will be. Well all I would like to know if any of you that are in LPN school right now or have been accepted, feel as nervous a I do? I really want to b a nurse so I won't let this stop m from achieving my goals but it helps to know I'm not the only one feeling this way.



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I start my LPN August 1st...orientation July 28th && yes I am nervous too and very excited. I'm currently a cna this nursing is like adrenaline..anywho congrats w/your acceptance:yeah::yeah: & goodluck to our new beginning:bow:, I'm going to try & stay posted on here throughout the months:)



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I start LPN Aug 31 and also did my pre-reqs for RN...I also only got a B in A&P but had other stuff going on ...I was getting an A till my life went through i'm hoping with life being stable...LPN won't be as tough....good luck to both of you and CONGRATS..

and i'm nervous too!! courses weren't FULL



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I'am too starting at my community college next month to start on pre-req's for the LPN program. I very nervous too! This is going to be the easy part for us! lol. I just hope once im finished with the pre'req's I will get accepted and not have to be on the waiting list. What are your guys' pre-req's you have to take? Mine is A&P 1 & 2, English Comp & Intro to psyc. I'm already a CNA and it says advanced placement may be available to CNA's whatever that means.



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Hey Congratulations on making it into nursing school, that is a feat in itself.

I am about to graduate my RN program this upcoming fall semester and just took my LPN exam last week and passed (in Oklahoma one can take the NCLEX-PN after a year of RN school as long as you have Foundations, MedSurg, OB, and Peds.)

The first thing about any nursing program is to be somewhat organized. Try and incorporate the class calender into your own planner and if you have multiple calendars for different classes I would advise putting them all together on one calender.

When you are in clinicals take any opportunity presented to do skills. I got to do loads of IM injections on my postpartum rotation because I just started asking nurses if I could help with the discharge teaching and giving vaccinations. I would also try and keep your paperwork in clinical light. Keep a brain sheet you can write all your information down and then put it into a format for an assignment.

Have something you can do to decompress every once in a while, like reading a book or taking a walk. It can be something that just takes 15 minutes out of your day to clear your head and get some perspective.

ALWAYS, always bring your stethoscope unless told otherwise. Same for a pen, paper, and a penlight. This is a good habit for the real world as well I have been told.



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I am starting in Sept. if all goes well otherwise it will be in Jan.

I can honestly say I am terrified. I know I can do it but it seems the closer it gets the more stressed I am getting. I know I need to breath and not worry but that is so much easier said then

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Thanks to everyone for their replie! It has really made me feel a lot better to know that I'm not alone. Congratulations to everyone starting the program this year, I wish everyone good luck! @ Lorein thank you so much for your advice.



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First, congratulations on getting accepted!

I just started my classes yesterday for my lvn. I was so nervous, I was literally shaking!

Than I met my teachers. Our professors really do want us to succeed! All of mine are RNs and have been in the same seats we were at one point in time. There is a ton of information to learn, but they really want us to learn it because people's life depend on how well they teach us and how well we retain the information.

With all of the information we need to know, there will be tons of work! I was given 9 chapters of homework before I even stepped into a classroom. I have 1 quiz and 2 exams next week. I am sure your professors will tell you this as well, but read the chapters before class. I read everything! I am one of those people that doesn't learn unless I take notes. So, I have two notebooks for every class; one for my book notes that I take while reading, and another for in class notes. (I was WAY over prepared for class, but I was able to pull out the important information from lecture that way.)

I think that being prepared is the best way to avoid the butterflies! :) Everyone has their own study methods and with your grades in A&P I am sure you are going to do great!

Keep us posted on how it goes!


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Congratulations! ;) I'm going to go ahead and tell you that being nervous is 100% natural! I know you'll do great. I'm nervous at just the thoughts of acceptance into the program, and I still have one semester left of pre-reqs! I think the nervousness will eventually fade once you've started, and just turn into more focus and excitement! Hang in there, you're going to be just fine.



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Congrats as well....I am in my second and last semester of LPN school, we graduate in April from an 18 month program, and a month summer break. And I am still nervous, even though I have a good idea of what to expect..I believe my fear comes from wanting to be the best, wanting to understand everything, fear of looking stupid....all of the above. But I have come this far, and I will keep on going. It can be done...Good Luck!

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@mrmcm83, thanks you really have motivated me and helped me see that being nervous doesn't have to get in my way during nursing school. I hope everyone else that feels this way an Faldo succeed.:)



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I am 20 days from Graduation day for my LVN.

I was scared to death last August when classes started

BUT.... I didn't need to be.

So here's my advice:

Stay organized. Don't get behind on the reading.

(Keep in mind, I find the nursing textbooks dry and rather than read those..I looked lots of stuff up on the internet and in reference books. I have the best nursing library I've seen just by picking books up here and there, online, half price books, garage sales..etc.. you can never have too many!)

Use your time wisely.

Don't use all your 'sick' clinical/class days for unnecessary absences. Use them IF you need to...always 'save' some time..just in case you get a flat tire or wake up late one day. Your instructors don't have wiggle room when it comes to clinical time according to the BON so don't misuse it!! People have been dropped for being an hour or so short of their required clinical time.

Learn to prioritize your life and everything in it.

If you have kids and a family...make sure you have back up plans for EVERYTHING. I ended up w/ a young child with kidney stones...yes I'm serious. a kid who has had maybe 20 sodas in his LIFE ended up w/ kidney stones. was in and out of dr's and hospitals. Had to be on narcotics for almost a month which meant his school wouldn't take him on opioids. It was rough. Worse, I felt horrible that I, his mommy, couldn't be there w/ him every step BUT I felt good knowing there was a plan for something like this. I had grandparents, my adult son, neighbors and dear friends all pitch in so my husband didn't risk his new job, I didn't miss a day of school or clinical and everything was okay. Had he needed surgery I had a day set aside...but he didn't. I finished the semester w/out using it. so PLAN for the never know...but know that YOU need to be AT SCHOOL!!!!!

Stock up on frozen foods. Lots of tv dinners, lots of cereal for dinner and easy ready to eat foods. I can't remember the last time I cooked...seriously.

STUDY.... don't walk into a test not knowing the material. If you are told the test is over XYZ.

Know your LABS normals...

that is HUGE. I know all this is like a foreign language...but example. Know your normals on WBC's, Hgb, Hct, Potassium, Calcium etc... ALL of the normal cbc, metabolic panel labs.

Your instructor will definitely be impressed. I didn't know them all...and had to really study hard to pass my exit exam to graduate. Could have made it easier by learning them when I was told too months ago.

Do what your told.

Don't challenge your instructor. They are the expert and they are always right. PERIOD. I don't care what you think you know...they know more and do not look kindly on people who have big egos or think they are 'all that'.

Keep your home drama out of school.

If your life isn't perfect thats normal...but don't share the drama. Not only is it unprofessional but it will get you ostrasized by your classmates. No one wants to be associated with a problem person. guilt by association is a big risk. Carry yourself well. watch your language in public, dress appropriately, show respect for yourself and the title your trying to achieve.

Don't forget to have some fun. Don't burn out by studying too much. Don't go too deep...know what they tell you need to but don't go crazy...just follow what they say to do and your going to be okay!!!

Oh and invest in notebooks...went through SEVEN of the 180 page mead ones in the first two semesters. Don't write in pencil....hard to read in certain light because of glare...G2 color pens are em'.

Ok...that's it.... good luck and may the force be w/ you!!!! :)