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Wife, Mom. Jersey girl relocated to PA

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  1. dawnmich

    Student Uniforms - What are yours like?

    for LPN at a tech center ours are white pants with a blue top with a logo sewn on by us...didn't know sewing was part of the plan for school....i can't sew LOL
  2. dawnmich

    Nursing School Orientation. What to wear!?

    perfect timing to find this post...thanks
  3. dawnmich

    Advice for LPN school

    I start LPN Aug 31 and also did my pre-reqs for RN...I also only got a B in A&P but had other stuff going on ...I was getting an A till my life went through hell...so i'm hoping with life being stable...LPN won't be as tough....good luck to both of you and CONGRATS.. and i'm nervous too!! courses weren't FULL time...lol
  4. dawnmich

    Starting Lpn program June 2011 help with do's and dont's

    Congrats... what are the steps to NP from LPN?
  5. dawnmich

    Roll call for LPN students starting July and Aug.

    Dawn, Schuylkill Tech, Frackville, Pa...1 year....start Aug 29...
  6. dawnmich

    Wink Scrubs

    so greys anatomy ones are good? good to know!
  7. dawnmich

    How to tell your mom it may be time to stop chemo?

    I've been there! I feel for you and your children. I know exactly where you are at. alll I can tell you is do what you feel is right, no regrets later. I attempted to try to get my Mom to stop... even her home RN tried to tell her...but yes, they feel it's giving up. in the end it was the chemo that killed my mother...but she had chemo from sept 1997 until a few weeks before her death in Feb 2000. I still feel that doctor should be shot! The chemo destroyed her stomach, and we had to put her in a drug induced chemo until her stomach acids killed her. It was the most horrible experience of my life. I believe you got fantastic advice on here and a conversation with the doctor should clear up a lot for you! God Bless... and maybe "Mom I think it's time to live a quality life" is a better way to start a conversation?
  8. dawnmich

    I'm starting LPN school this August!

    I start in August too... I just posted a message cause i'm so scared and apprehensive....
  9. Hello, I start in August...after having to delay my January and May start... I believe in signs...and I'm hoping I'm not ignoring a big one by still attending even after medical and moving made me delay. Will I get a job? Will the pay be enough? Is there an abundance of Lpn's...esp that now the local hospital laid off many? I intend to probably work in a nursing home anyway, but would have loved to get into renal or oncology.... Do other people get this scared before they start? is the over 2 month wait to start get other nursing students to panic? I'm older as I'm changing career paths....have been in real estate for many years, and that stopped paying me (haha) i'd appreciate ANY feedback/help/advice. I'm in PA near Berks county. thanks Dawn Michele
  10. dawnmich

    Losing Motivation Guys

    Hi Hope, I'm Dawn... I'm 45...and was a Real Estate Broker was doing VERY well and now I'm starting an LPN program in August! I can't even get anyone to hire me for an $8 hour I've managed offices, did real estate etc... they think I'm over qualified UGGH... I'm nervous as I'm OLD... but I had to tell you my children are ungrateful swine cause we never said No...or made them wait for things. Now to hear NO as they are 15 and 19 is foreign to them. So, If I could do it all again...tehy'd wait till birthdays or holidays orEARN things! :) Just had to tell you, you are raising chldren that are learning to work hard and be appreciative, and that's not a bad thing. So, from now on, when you say NO to their wants.... SMILE :) wish someone told me...
  11. dawnmich

    starting LPN program in Aug 2011..anyone else?

    Nikki congrats!!!!! I start in Aug 2011 at a technology school , year program! little nervous worked as a NA (not certified) in a nursing home.... so I think I know a small bit of what I'm getting into :) just nervous and OLD...(45) eek...
  12. Hi I was supposed to start in January but had surgery end of December then was postponed till May but had to move... so now I start in August :) sucks that I can be 7 months done if I started on time. Any hints/suggestions/? thanks, dawn in pa
  13. dawnmich

    A day in the life of an LPN

    I start school in August and I'm 45... so to the 36 and 39 year old, you'll be fine!!! I know we all live in different areas...but for those that were nice enough to post your days for us THANKS my question would be... what are you making an hour? thanks!