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  1. TN Tech Elizabethton

    I will not be starting in Sept due to money issues. Not because of the school. I am trying to get everything lined up and ready so I won't have that worry on my shoulders.
  2. Almost DONE!

  3. Wow... First I know you said you don't want judged. If that is truly the case I suggest NOT posting something like that on here. Cheating is cheating no matter how anyone tries to paint it. Ask yourself this: Would you feel comfortable with your life...
  4. nutrition chapter on lpn school

    Study, study, study. That is the only way you will learn,
  5. Advice for LPN school

    I am starting in Sept. if all goes well otherwise it will be in Jan. I can honestly say I am terrified. I know I can do it but it seems the closer it gets the more stressed I am getting. I know I need to breath and not worry but that is so much easie...
  6. Passed the Hesi pn exit exam

  7. TN Tech Elizabethton

    Thank you very much. You answered a lot of my questions in your last post. I have gotten mixed answers from TTE.
  8. TN Tech Elizabethton

    So you won't be there the whole year? Any Idea when you might expect to finish and get your LPN? I was told its about a year but dependent on the person. I am a little unclear on that part. If there is a way for me to finish early I will completely a...
  9. TN Tech Elizabethton

    Wow your doing your clinicals already?
  10. TN Tech Elizabethton

    I am scared to death of how it is going to be. Is it as bad as they say?
  11. TN Tech Elizabethton

    Any TTE students-to-be here? I will be starting in January. :)