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Advice on hospitals & Ventura, CA



Moving to Ventura, California. Any advice on where to work in Ventura county. I am looking at houses in Onxard, Camrillo, and Ojai. Appreciate any advice you can give me!

Hi there!

I live in Ventura and lived in Ojai until three years ago. I love Ojai and the community ... we left our doors unlocked, took walks to downtown to the local ice cream store in the evenings and "everyone knows everyone" there. It's a small town with a small town feel. When it rains, you can get stuck up there becuase the mountains tend to slide on the only roads out of town. It gets super hot in the summer and snows 6 miles out of town in the winter.

Ventura is a much bigger city (okay, not big, but bigger than Ojai!) and is right on the beach. Houses are slightly more affordable down here. There are two hospitals in town and Oxnard has one that is just fifteen minutes from here. I work at the local community hospital and love it.

PM me for more info or post here ... and welcome to Ventura County!!!

Thank you for your information. I liked your description of oaji and

Ventura. I will PM you this weekend. Great to have info from somebody living in the area. Appreciate you took the time to reply:)

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This year my last child graduates high school. (last of 5 thank God) Huby promised me we could move away from Ohio when this happened/hate winter.

I love Ojai and my brother lives in Ventura. I had a Cali license but need to reactivate it if we end up shooting out that way. Housing is horrible. Hubby is an BSN, MBA, PHD and I have my RN, MS. I am trying to find sites on jobs in California for nurses/none are coming up on search engines. I am trying to see about home health agency links/hospice links to jobs and hem/onc/bmt for me.

I also do not even know if we can afford a house there. My brother buys fixer uppers and sells them in about 6 years or so for a decent profit. Are there any couples who are both nurses that can afford a house in Ojai or Ventura? Just curious.


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I was born and raised in Oxnard. In early 2004 my parents sold their really old, small house for $435,000. Today that same house would sell for $600,000.

I personally like the charm of Ventura as well as the close proximity to the beach.

renerian, BSN, RN

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Oh I agree about Ventura. I love the Harbor Area/the Pier and I love eating at Ericksons but it gets ripped alot. It is much better seafood than we have in Ohio LOL.


Houses prices in S. California are outrageous. Just bought a house in Camarillo. We like this community b/c great school for kids. Hospitals are hiring, you can get a job easily, pay is not that great. Do you want to do per diem work? Currently i work per diem and get offered more shifts that i can handle a week. Per diem you get paid straight time first 8 and time half last 4 hours so pay adds up. The hospitals do not pay this OT when you are a permanent employee. I can direct you to local agencys hiring per diem. Sounds like you have exciting changes coming up in your life.

I am thinking about joining the St John's in Oxnard this summer, as a new grad. Very afraid of the traffic! I live in a small town in Ohio now, although I am a California Native. The traffic scares me. I think it scares me less than the rent prices. What gives?;)

I have not worked at St.Johns. What area of nursing are you going in to? That is exciting if you will be starting a new grad program. Congratulations! The 101 south and north freeway can get busy but it is worse down in Los Angeles. Where do you plan to live? Venutra, Oxnard or farther out?


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I worked at CMH in Ventura and lived in Camarillo until a few months ago. I really loved living in Camarillo - I love its proximity to everything. It's close enough but far enough away from LA, and my "commute" to Ventura was not bad at all - really not much of a commute. I worked nights, so traffic on the 101 wasn't bad at all. Sometimes it was pretty brutal heading South in the AM, but still not bad compared to the commutes down here in San Diego. I really enjoyed everyone I worked with at CMH. The pay was pretty decent too, and there is plenty of opportunity to pick up extra shifts if you're interested.

Do you know which agencies hire per diem for Oxnard or camarillo hospitals? I am use to working thousand oaks and want to find work closer to home. Thanks.

I live in Camarillo and will be commuting to Northridge Hospital. The local hospitals, St John's Regional, St. John's Pleasant Valley, Ventura County, Community welcome new grads with open arms. They all have new grad programs. I happened to get hired in Northridge in a specialty area in a Versant training program. All of the hospitals are hiring, so it just depends on the one you pick:D

Did you attend any of these Ventura hospitals for clinical during nursing school? I am considering Ventura County, St Johns, and Los Robles. I am relocating from Las Vegas to Camarillo and i'm not exactly sure how any of these hospitals are. I know that their sign on bonuses are really high but whats their usual starting? Also, is your commute to Northridge gonna be bad? I'd prefer to work in a larger hospital to get trained in L&D but i'll settle if needed. Can you please give more info about the hospitals in the surrounding community of Ventura? Thank you!

I did not have clinical at Los Robles, My clinicals were St. John's regional, st john's pleasant valley, County and Community memorial. Pleasant valley is a small hospital. I liked Regional and County hospital the best. Regional is a CHW hospital. I am going to work at Northridge hospital which is also a CHW hospital. I believe the CHW hospitals pay the best in our area. Regional or county would be the places that I would have applied to.

Hope that helps.


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