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  1. peaceful

    Feedback on DNP programs

    Looking for feedback on schools for DNP programs - post MSN degree specializing in psychiatric. Capella or Brandman are two on my radar right now. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  2. peaceful

    PMHNPs: where are you working?

    I am working 40 hours a week out patient psychiatric children's mental health clinic and two weekends a month inpatient hospital (ER, ICU and locked psych units) doing psych f/u, evaluations and discharges.
  3. peaceful

    California NP's

    This whole process has been beyond bleak. I would rather just go practice in an independent state then fight the money and power of AMA. Our political network was weak compared to this organization. I am grateful for Senator Hernandez. We are lucky to have somebody like him on our side. This senator seems to really understand our healthcare system. Wish we had more like him who did.
  4. peaceful

    California NP's

    Why am I not surprised?
  5. peaceful

    Collaborating physician problems

    I hope you find a new job that is positive, where you will feel supported and treated like a team player. It is crucial to be in an environment that one is allowed to ask questions! I was expected to be independent from day one. I was ready to practice from my many clinical hours and beyond difficult classroom hours. My supervising physician is helpful if I have a question. We communicate by text, phone and occasionally in person. He never makes me feel bad. A new NP needs to know when to ask a question or refer to a specialist. If not, now that is dangerous practice.
  6. peaceful

    California NP's

    Good news today, passed 3rd time in the Assembly. We have a few more weeks to get this baby through. The Appropriations Committee is next up for vote. Then SB 491 goes on to the Assembly Floor which is comprised of 80 members for a vote. If it passes there, will go to the Senate for a final vote. Hopefully then onto the Governor. Deadline is September 13 or will die. Please call everyone you know to call their legislators. It is now crucial for each one of us to call, write, call again. Get your family, your friends to call. We made it this far, we can do this. Now is the time to get involved to make this work.
  7. peaceful

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    At the time my GPA was 3.5 with a BSN, 8 years experience as RN. My experience included working as a float in the acute care environment, tele, DOU, senior behavioral health, case management, psych adult locked unit. ACLS cert. I think the GPA requirement is higher now because there are so many applicants. What are your stats? Let us know and we can give recommendations. Also what are your goals? Why USA/which degree?
  8. peaceful

    Am I selfish for going back to school?

    School will change you and your children's life. Go for it, do not look back. Nursing school is extremely stressful and difficult. I was in my forties while in nursing school for my BSN. I am now in graduate school, more than half way to my goal as an NP at age 54. Do not let age stop ya.
  9. peaceful

    What is np school like

    i agree with above post, university of south alabama is a good school. extremely demanding online program that is good for students that are highly disciplined and self-motivated. graduate school is not easy. lengthy, involved apa papers along with complex exams. my bsn program was a walk in the park compared to graduate school. i study every spare moment and work a few days a week. also deal with 15 year old that is not the easiest teenager.
  10. peaceful

    These classes are nonsense

    omg, this made me chuckle. i do remember those convoluted diagrams last semester. either ya love theory, or hate it. class mates of mine were brought to their knees attempting to write the long, involved, apa correct papers. several had made good grades in patho, assessment, pharm and then could not make it through theory. just play the graduate school game. i don't fight it; just give them what they want. when you do get to take a class you love, well makes it all worthwhile. i am fascinated most of the time in graduate school.
  11. peaceful

    Making a huge decision; HELP!

    i agree with above post. get your bsn and then keep on going. enjoy college, dorm life, and work part time as lpn. you sound like a go getter. my recommendation is that you go to school and achieve the highest degree possible. this decision will lead to a lifetime of expanded career choice, significantly higher salary and increased autonomy. just go for it! congratulations for being only 17 and so focused.
  12. peaceful

    Hate being a floor nurse- happier as NP?

    i also do not recommend becoming an rn to any friend or family. in fact, will quite strongly try to steer them away from this career choice (thankless job somewhat like a maid, along with managing out of control, angry families and no respect from hospital management, co-workers and physicians). the np role is a step up the ladder with the allowance of independent thinking. becoming an np is not for the faint hearted. extremely tough to get through school and pass the national exam. graduate school is nothing like getting your bsn.
  13. peaceful

    Graduating tomorrow....Next up, boards!

    Kyboyrn, Congratulations on your graduation! Let us know how the boards go. :yeah: Peaceful
  14. peaceful

    Burned Out.

    All can change in an instant. Go watch a sunset, go to a movie, do anything that breaks you from the downward cycle you feel caught up in. You are young, you have your whole, wonderful life in front of you. Dream, dream big. Feel it, think it, drink in that image of what you want. I never let my self feel discourged for more than a few moments, there is just too many possibilities of a way out. I promise you things will change because they always do. In fact, I hear the phone ringing for you right now....
  15. peaceful

    NP's with families...

    I agree with Blessed X3, go part time take all writing courses, core courses (theory, research, patho, pharm, assessment) first.
  16. peaceful

    Didn't pass aanp...

    :yeah:Way to go Nursing 101. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Tell us the secret to studying. Any tips now that you have passed?