Hospital NPs & Lounge Access

  1. Recently the Hospital Board decided to deny NPs and PAs access to the Providers Lounge. Their rationale was condescending to say the least. So MDs have their own space, as do the Residents and Med Students.

    NPs and PAs, who are ALL revenue earners, do not.

    I was curious what other hospitals are doing.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    YUCK!!! I'm credentialed at five hospitals and I have access to all the doctor's lounges....I would definitely be writing a letter
  4. by   wyld~heart
    Do you mind sharing the location or names of the facilities...
  5. by   Jules A
    Quote from wyld~heart
    Do you mind sharing the location or names of the facilities...
    Why would you need to know that? You don't need proof that this is a disrespectful and miserly move on their part. Get the head of your hospital's midlevel group to immediately request a reversal. We'd be on them like rabid dogs and not just because I want my free Pepsi but because of the underlying message it sends.
  6. by   wyld~heart
    Firstly, I am chair of our APP council and I have been tasked by our Admin Leader Liaison to "find out what others are doing"..

    Therefore I would like to say, I have inquired from other facilities and here is a list of places that allow or do not allow access to their NPs.

    This was a Hospital Board decision and goes above just some admin reversing the decision.

    But my question was "do you mind" so if it is an imposition or traumaRUs does not feel the need to share, well then all is well..
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  7. by   Jules A
    Alrighty then. I wasn't insinuating it was an imposition so much as totally insulting to expect you to provide evidence to defend this major slight.
  8. by   lhflanurseNP
    The hospitals in my area have open access to NPs and PAs. I can't imagine what is so "special" that your facility has blocked this. Wonder whose ego has been tromped! You may want to do a "survey" to obtain results in regards to access to physician lounges. This may give you some better feedback.
  9. by   Neuro Guy NP
    This is definitely disrespectful to say the least and showed that they do not hold you guys in high regard. Leave!

    One of the hospitals where I am credentialed actually has 2 NPs on the Med Exec committee and medical board.
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  10. by   puravidaLV
    Don't be all pissed off your not getting free bagels and missing out on crape Tuesdays. Even before I finished school I knew the code to the lounge. Just blow some baby powder on the push pins and you got access after some trial and error on the key pad. Keep me out of free cookies and coffee I could have gotten from the patient pantry, oh no hell no Mr Man no way! I'm going in and abusing that free Quaker Oat meal instant packs and sitting in a place of awkward cliques of people that I wouldn't have associated even in an apocalypse.
  11. by   WKShadowRN
    I have access and it's nice but while I'm welcomed, it feels awkward because it's still new to me.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    I live in central IL and am credentialed at the level one trauma center. I will say that the hospital is a religious based facility. I am also credentialed at several Iowa Healthcare Hospitals which are also located in central IL.

    How's that?
  13. by   delawaremalenurse
    "Their rationale was condescending to say the least"

    What was their rationale?
  14. by   wyld~heart
    A survey is an excellent notion. It has been sometime since I have been on allnurses. Had to create a new account.. So will have to familiarize myself again with the options..

    Thanks for the info. We are also a Level 1 trauma, but in the deep south..

    SO old boys network at its finest.
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