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How many of your schools use your ACT test score in the acceptance process for the nursing program?

our's used a combination of ACT and the amount of pre-req's an applicant had finished.

the first step was the ACT with a minimum score of 22. after that, pre-req's were compared and the person with the most classes finished moved up on the ladder to acceptance. the rationale for doing things this was with seats limited, the person with the lesser amount of classes was more likely to complete the program rather than someone taking tons of stuff besides nursing.


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as far as i know my act score was not looked at during my application process. maybe it was, i don't know. i know that it was looked at and useful for getting me accepted to college in the first place. but i think they looked most at pre-req's completed, gpa, interview and writing assessment. is your's looking at your act?

PennyLane, RN

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I don't think they looked at our SAT scores. I don't recall submitting them. Interesting though, as I will be attending a University.


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My school requires a minimum ACT of 20, and yes they do consider it in the acceptance process.


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I am attending Baptist Health School of Nursing and Allied Health, and they look at your ACT. In fact, they require it as part of the admission process.


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Hmmm...You know, I don't think they looked at my ACT score and I know I didn't have to provide it. However, my accelerated program requires that you have a bachelors degree for consideration - so they must have figured the ACT score was good enough to get us into a university the first time around.

Let's see...I took that ACT about...oh...16 years ago. Man, time flies!


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Our university requires ACT scores to gain admission to the university...not specifically to get into the college of nursing.

Unless, of course, you are an old chick like me :chuckle . I didn't have to deal with it, just had to take placement tests so they could put me in the appropriate math and english classes....and being old also got me out of P.E.!!!!!!!! (guess they figure if you don't know how to keep fit by a certain age, it's a lost cause!)


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I didn't take the ACT or the SAT. By the time I went back to college they waived everything......since I'd be out of school so long.:eek:

PennyLane, RN

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It's funny--I've never actually heard of anyone taking the ACT until I came to this BB. I thought it was primarily used out west. Everyone I know took the SAT, and every school I applied to (on the East Coast and in the South) asked for SAT scores.

But it seems that the rest of the country uses the ACT...? Perhaps the SAT is only used on the East coast?


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I've lived in the south all my life (hopefully only for a couple more years tho) and all three schools I've gone to have asked for ACT scores to gain entrance into the school (they even wanted another copy of it when I got into the nursing program even tho admissions had a copy). No one has asked for my SAT scores.

Must just be an East coast thing, Mel :)


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I used to live in FL and they did SATs out there. I'm now in OK and they do ACTs here. I guess it's all of the east coast using SAT.

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