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according to the trick...I PASSED!


I took my boards this morning for the first time, started around 7:45 and was done by 9:30. I kept thinking to myself it would be nice to be done at 75 (especially since my pace was way slower than my usual pace) but I kept telling myself I wanted more than 75 to prove myself. I was surprisingly calm throughout most of the test, felt the questions were easier than the questions I prepped with but still wasn't sure how I was doing. After pressing next once answering question 75 the test shut off...my heart literally dropped and my anxiety was now through the roof. I felt like there was no way I was doing that bad that it failed me at 75 but I didn't want to jinx myself. I got home around 10 and wanted to avoid the pearson vue trick but I couldn't help myself...checked 3 times so far and according to the trick I PASSED! I can't believe I passed, let alone in 75 questions and am (unofficially) an RN! What a crazy feeling! I probably got around 10 SATA questions, 2 EKG questions, 8-10 prioritization/delegation and 2 pictures of wounds but the questions were multiple choice (I was not expecting those, hence why I'm mentioning it). Well, now onto finding a job! Good luck to all the other future RN's out there, you can do it!


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Congrats!! What materials did you use to prepare and how long I'd you prepare for it? Taking it at the end of the months!!

I took it today as well, got the good popup and 75qs.... tons of sata

I used Kaplan and don Anderson, based out of Massachusetts as both were offered at my school. I also used lacharity. studied for about 4-5 weeks, focused on mainly content the first 2 weeks while also doing at least 50 questions a day then focused mostly on questions and reviewing rationale on both right and wrong answers. completed the qbank and all qt's for Kaplan, completed all 18 chapters of lacharity and did a few case studies. good luck and congrats everyone else!


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Congrats! I also took it today, 75 Qs, good pop-up. Here's hoping... :)