Accepted in LPN at OCC this winter

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It has been such a long time since I last posted

Last time I posted that I got denied from RN OCC with my 3.6xx; however, I just got a letter yesterday from OCC again that I am accepted for the LPN. I applied with my 3.69x (prereqs are less than RN.)

I think I will do LPN first and then bridge to RN later because LPN starts Jan 2011. RN starts Sept 2011 which I am not sure I will get accepted or not. So it's better to grab something to begin with.

Yay! I finally did it! :)

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AWWWW Congratulations!!!!!!!! Thats great, now you just have to wait til it starts....


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Yes Thank you.

I think I'll start with pharmacology. Can't wait.

It has been such a long wait and hard work!

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I hope to be able to post similar news in the next several months.




I am going to give the RN program one more shot. Good luck to you!

Very excited and nervous. I just got my letter today! We will be in the same program. I would love to chat with you sometime. Congratulations.

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Congrats Anne!

I knew you'd make it! You worked so hard. Good luck you guys. You're on your way:yeah::yeah:

jaaey, I think you were smart to just get going with the LPN program rather than wait it out over the RN program again. I wonder why more people dont try this route? I suggested it to a couple people I know that did not get into the RN program. Its partly selfish on my part though, I want them as classmates, lol.

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Thank you all. Sorry to reply late. I have been busy preparing for "retake" classes exams.

Congrats to you to Anne. Well, it would be nice to have you as classmate--maybe we could be even better off a study partner!

I have no idea why others wont try LPN. Maybe because it's LPN. In my opinion, it starts earlier. So I don't have to waste my time doing something else. I could wait to get in RN next year too with my new higher GPA. But it won't start until next September.

Good luck to you all. Now I have to figure what I have to do with work and school. I just look. Pharmacology starts Jan 11 on Tuesday. However, the foundation has 3 days class--Mon, thur, and Friday. I'm worried about supporting myself through school now. But hopefully everything will be just fine in 16 months.

I know, I too am worried about expenses. I stated in another thread that I have had my child support cut way back the last 18months and it is really starting to make an impact on my finances. I am to the point now where all my savings is gone and I need to work. (been looking for a job, but I have 3 kids so its not doable while I am in school) I am not sure how much the whole school will cost + all the extra gas in my car. I will need to use loans to pay for all of that, + any daycare + I may need extra money to live on. I just hope that I can get enough money.

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I hear you.

I have to work on weekend instead! I didn't want to do that but I have too.

My aunt is going to cover some expenses for me. Maybe some tuition, hopefully.

I pay international rate. So I pay around $1800 a semester plus books and other supplies.

But I can't give up now. It's 16 more months. And we have to do it and I'm sure we will do just fine. Remember just 26 months that included 3 weeks summer breaks and a couple of week chirstmad break.

If you need help, let me know.

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