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I found out last night that I'm officially accepted to EC. Yeah! Thats a pretty good Christmas present. I'm waiting on my latest transcript to arrive, but my advisor already let me know what course I should start with. What a refreshing change from the CC I was attending, where abuse was the order of the day. In the mean time, I'm taking the NAPNES Pharmacology Certification, since pharm is my worst subject and this will force me to study!

Merry Christmay and Happy New Year!:yeah:

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Woo hooooooo! :) Congrats!!

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Good for you. Hope you move along quite spendidly!

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When I was at work last night, I heard a rumor that all recent grads of the County College I was attending may lose their ADN status and be transferred to diploma nurses. Apparently, the woman who runs the program did not fulfill the requirements necessary for AD nursing. I wouldn't be surprised, because they play games over there. Thank goodness I transferred to EC. I know that won't happen! EC doesn't play games.

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