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I have a little dilemma I am hoping to get some feedback on. I graduated in May with a bachelor's degree in Spanish, and am hoping to begin nursing school in Fall 2006. The (main) school I am applying with has two options that I can pursue:

1. Traditional BSN

Start date: Fall 2006 or Spring 2007

End date: Fall 2008 or Spring 2009

Prereqs still needed: organic chemistry, microbiology

Cost: approx $19,000

Advantage: I can space out the last two prereqs, which is good for me financially, and I will be able to work part time while in nursing school.

Disadvantage: Takes longer to complete, will most likely need loans for the whole amount

2. Accelerated BSN

Start date: Fall 2006 (it only starts in the fall)

End date: Fall 2007

Prereqs still needed: organic chemistry, microbiology, abnormal psychology, nutrition, pharmacology

Cost: approx $12,000 (which the local trauma center will pay for, plus a monthly stipend, in exchange for two years of service)

Advantage: I'd be done sooner and the hospital would pay for it

Disadvantage: if I can't complete all 5 prereqs by March 25th, 2006 (which I am not sure I can do financially since I would need to take 3 in the fall and 2 in the winter, or vice versa), I will have to wait to start till Fall 2007, so I wouldn't be done any faster.

Should I hunker down and do all the prereqs speedy-quick and try for the accelerated program, or just do the traditional program, which would be easier to budget for initially? Any ideas?


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I agree with Utahliz. The time factor & tuition being paid would sway my decision into doing an accelerated program. I am also in one now and would do it again too.

I would apply to both programs because it is so competitive now to get into any program. Start taking classes as if you are going to the accelerated program and then slow down if you don't get in or decide the program is not for you. You also have to consider you will be loaded with classes to get into the program for a year and then spend a year in a very fast pace program so it is more like two years of intense school. Also, the traditional program is going to be time consuming and you will be working too. Decisions, decisions :)

Does the hospital offer the tuition assistance to people only in your program or to anyone? I would be interested in knowing what hospital is offering such a program of tuition and stipend.

Good luck on your decision.

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To my knowledge, the tuition assistance only applies for the accelerated program. I just found out about this today. My boyfriend works with a guy who also works part time in this hospital's HR department, and he told my boyfriend to tell me about it. Apparently he's supposed to email more information. The hospital is Miami Valley hospital in Dayton.

I think I will make another advising appointment with the nursing school and see what they think would be the best plan for me. I *am* leaning toward going for the accelerated program (after four years of full-time schooling, it's not like I'm not used to a lot of coursework), but having to pay more now for my prereqs would be kind of a bummer too.

Decisions, decisions indeed!


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In my opinion, I would go for the accelerated program if you were accepted. Sure, you may have to pay more upfront for the prereqs, but since you already have a degree, I would not want to go through another long bachelor's program. And since the hospital would be sponsoring you, it is definently better financially in the long run.

I'm doing an accelerated program myself at Drexel University in Philadelphia that starts in September. It costs $26000! I graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Business. Wish I knew about your program!


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Apply to both programs. You maximize your chances.

If I wear in your shoes though, I'd jumpon that accelerated program and 'wrassel' it to the ground. the ideaa of being doen in a year with less debt is so attractive.

Either way, I'll keep my toes and fingers crossed for you.


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Hi Meg!

I am also from Ohio. I also have a previous B.A. and I decided to go to nursing school after graduation. I am pursuing an M.N. which is similar to an accelerated B.S.N., its 4 semesters back to alittle over a year. I love it! I love the fast pace and im sure, like me, after spending 4 years in undergrad you just want to get done! Id say go for the accelerated if you have the time and money!


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I'd push for the accelerated. Better to hunker down and finish it up sooner. They are pretty competitive. Start your pre-reqs and do the best you can. I've been taking 2 prereqs at a time. It's sometimes a pain but I'm really looking forward to starting an accelerated program this May (hopefully).

Good luck.


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: ) I wish you the best in your nursing career. :)

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I would do the accelerated mostly because of the financial help, but it all boils down to what is better for you and works out. Good luck


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hi. i am also accepted to drexel for this fall. did you get accepted elsewhere? i am juggling whether to do accel. drexel or 2 yr jefferson univ. does anyone have any advice for me which program is better?


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Wait, do I have this right? You could do a LONGER program, after which you would be MORE in debt to the tune of $19K, or a SHORTER program that would be paid for, and what is keeping you from the shorter program is the cost of your pre-requisites? Actually not all your prerequs, just three of them (because for your longer program you still need two)?

The bottom line doesn't compute. What am I missing?

Traditional: $19,000

Accelerated: 3 classes... let's say ten credit hours. Not sure where you'd be going to school, but my credit hour is average at $231/hr. So that's a total of about, with fees and books and all that: $2600.

If the only thing keeping you from finishing your prereqs is money, borrow it. Borrow for all five classes. Spread over fifteen years, which is typical term for a student loan, you won't even notice it. Especially as a full RN in the Fall of '07.

Ok final consideration:

Accelerated: finishes in fall of 07.

Traditional: finishes at BEST fall of 08.

That is a whole year's worth of salary that you're missing out on. Let's say you find the worst job in town. It pays poorly. It will pay you at LEAST (and you more experienced please tell me if I'm wrong) $30K a year. So now you decide to pay off your student loan in that year (you get drunk, you get ethical, you don't like the envelopes coming to you in the mail... whatever). You're still $27K ahead.

So now the traditional program has cost you at least $46,000, including tuition, and lost income.

I'd say it's time to hunker, my friend. But that's just my view on it.

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