Abusing staff nurses to do "presentation"-- can they do this to us?!


Hi all!

I work on a 12 hr. dayshift neuro floor as staff nurse in a fast paced large acute hospital. Lately we have more critical patients with less staff- everyone agree? I am so stressed with patient care and being charge nurse that I can't eat or use the bathroom at all- sound familiar?

Ok, get this, the floor manager practically forces us to do 45 mins. presentation on the brain every week DURING OUR WORK HOURS. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I am against this as this is burdening the team, I already leave late from all that charting. We were told we were outstanding nurses per manager, ha! We still refused but she keeps coming up to the floor to HARASS us why we can't do it, relentless. It's obvious, but they turn a blind eye. The admin. wants someone to do it. We have a nurse educator... We already teach pt and families before discharge.



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While I can understand not wanting to do presentations, I would hardly characterize this as "abuse" or "harassment." Lots of facilities are pushing RNs to taking a larger, more active professional role in their workplaces.


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Have them taped, then everyone can hear them when they can. Maybe the educator can do this.

Put them on youtube....everyone has to respond with a comment! They can watch when they want AND they are participating in a "discussion"

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I think the previous posters have missed the point. The floor nurses are being asked to take 45' they DON'T have, to participate in this activity. I am thinking the hospital may be trying for magnet status??

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We did this at the hospital I was in. It was hell. Staff correctly and we will take time out of our day for presentations. Otherwise, not my problem. All I ever did to participate was photocopy some handout and give it to everyone.


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I think the previous posters have missed the point. The floor nurses are being asked to take 45' they DON'T have, to participate in this activity. I am thinking the hospital may be trying for magnet status??

I don't think I missed anything. I work in an academic medical center where professionals in all departments do educational presentations at various times, as a basic expectation of their jobs. I don't really see how this is especially unreasonable, let along "abuse" or "harassment." I can understand nurses not wanting to do it but, IMO, it's a perfectly reasonable expectation of professionals in healthcare settings.


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ELPARK may be working on the floor, honestly, I don't have 45 minutes- 1 hour to spare. Are you in management or administration!? As floor nurses, we get hit with the families complaints, patients and phone calls that take sometimes up to 30 minutes or more to solve. Where is management, OH NO! MANAGEMENT EXPECTS FLOOR RN to solve these problems, you know what? there goes my 45 minutes. Not to mention NOT going to the bathroom or drinking or eating. We ALREADY do teaching with family at the start of admission with insulin, meds, safety, etc !!!!!!!!!! It is insane to do a presentation qweek on top of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The presentations are not the real problem. The real problem is that your unit is understaffed. Focus your energy on the real problem and you will be more likely to find some way to work through it -- or decide that you can't change it and realize that you need a new job.


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What?! "More staffing" that will eat the "budget" said management?! They want us to work 13 hours, the hour presentation is for "free." Just don't go on any breaks- not even the bathroom! Ooops, you got UTI? Aaah, too bad, you can use your PTO (part vacation hours) for sick leave. My coworkers/I only take up 15 mins out of our 30 mins lunch break then back to attending to patients. Without floor nurses, management will be lost if they had to man the floor... they are only office workers and don't even know how to multi-task or give IVs anymore.

THANKS to retiredlady suggestion, I will try to ask for digital tape and our nurse educator should be on this too.

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A huge part of learning is that the environment has to be a conducive one! How can trying to squeeze a 45 min class in the middle of a busy work day be a good environment to do so. There are so many other ways to get the information out without disrupting all the floor nurses routines and patient care. We just have the educators hand out learning modules ..you read and take a small test and sign that you read it..easy! You all need to express your concerns about this but come up with several viable alternatives. That way you will be seen as willing to learn and grow professionally but you want it to be done in a way that works for you. You will not be seen as whining if you stay on topic and do not get into no breaks and other complaints..STAY ON THE TOPIC. You can also suggest A TRAIL PERIOD as I find people are more open to change if it starts out as a trial.

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This is a topic for staff meeting where professionally you say...Thank you for recognizing the value of education. I appreciate your interest to keep us all well educated. I'd like to continue learning however I am concerned pt are suffering because of .. (be specific

with example.

You sound frustrated. I understand. This is not a legal issue. Your on the wrong track. Don't allow frustration to speak for you. If you want change you will need to put your emotions aside and constructively seek it. Consider compromise,plan for it. Would a monthly presentation be do able?

I actually think you are lucky that your manager supports on going education. I do however get the frustrations too that it incurs. Meet the manager half way.