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Hey guys, we have a test our first day on math and abbreviations. During 1st semester we were given several handouts of I'd guess 200 abbreviations. I can't find this handout..and was wondering if anyone knew a good website? In the back of my books I see a list of abbreviations....but we were given a really long list! Help if you can!

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I would try e-mailing one of your instructors or another classmate for the list. Good luck!


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I've posted this a few times before but it's the only abbreviation resource I have that's on the web. I'm not sure what abbreviations you had on your handout but this is a pretty big list. Hope it helps.

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Just break down and get another student to loan theirs a few minutes so you can go copy it. Dont wait to long, offer to let them come with you so it doesnt have to get out of their sight if they are worried about loaning it. Otherwise ask the instructor if you can get another copy. I'm sure they would rather give you another copy than you not study them and bomb the test.


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Specializes in MICU for 4 years, now PICU for 3 years!. is a great medical abbreviation source..... it has lots of acronyms and other things... i find it a great help when my nursing profs put abbrevieations in our notes that no one seems to know what they are...

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I agree with those who said get a copy from your school. Often, certain abbreviations are not allowed, and occasionally the same abbreviation can have more than one meaning! Can get frustrating.

We had an abbreviation/med term exam that we had to pass with 100% our first semester, too. :)

Good luck!

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