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  1. Mej

    What kind of experience did you have?

    I never had any experience in the medical field before starting the nursing program. This past spring I completed my 3rd clinical (1-Nursing home, 2 & 3-Med-Surg floor). Since we did not have a scheduled class to take over the summer I got a pa...
  2. Mej

    what's a nursing student's schedule like?

    For my school, all prerequisites must be taken before entering the nursing program - so all we have are nursing classes. (One class per quarter) M - 8-10:45 lecture T - open for lab returns/demonstrate skills W - 8-10:45 lecture R - 6:45-1:00 Clinica...
  3. Mej

    PO meds can be given rectal?

    As a student nurse we're taught to call the doctor if there is any issue with taking the medication as prescribed. Why not call their doctor and ask for them to prescribe the medicine by a different route? To me that sounds safer for the patient and...
  4. Mej

    Allheart orders?

    I don't think their customer service is the best. I placed an order and didn't receive confirmation until I e-mailed them to ask what's up. They were out of stock and had to delay the delivery twice. I eventually received my order but wasn't happy...
  5. Mej

    What is regisrty all about

    Hi - I am a nursing student looking into a summer job as a patient care tech. This being the only summer I will have without classes I want to have a flexible schedule. Can anyone explain how registry works? I believe you have to work at leas...
  6. Mej

    Anatomy & Physiology question

    I read the book, went to the web site, and did the CD-ROM. I also found that the workbook we had with our book was helpful as well as these other web sites I found:
  7. Mej

    sebborrheic dermatitis-help please

    I have it myself on my scalp and behind my ears. I have actually got it completely under control these last couple of months by using Denorex shampoo. The shampoo my dermatologist prescribed for me was too tarry and I never felt my hair was truly c...
  8. Mej

    abbreviation help

    I've posted this a few times before but it's the only abbreviation resource I have that's on the web. I'm not sure what abbreviations you had on your handout but this is a pretty big list. Hope it helps.
  9. I start the 2nd semester Jan. 17th and am excited but nervous as well. I did well in my clinicals but average on exams last semester. I attend classes 2 days/week and clinicals 2 days/week. Good luck to the rest of you!
  10. Here's a website that may be helpful:
  11. I am in an ADN program with all prereq's finished - must be before you can enter nursing program. I will have 10 hours next semester (1- 5 hr class each 8 weeks).
  12. Mej


    Here is a web site with many abbreviations - hope it helps.