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hi everyone,

i also have some random nclex questions...

1. whats the best way to assess a semi conscious person, is it asking his name or flashing his eyes with light ?

2. whats the priority for Tetralogy of Falot infant suffering from cyanosis, is it knee chest position or Oxygen hood?

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The first question, I would first call their name to assess their LOC........do they hear me. Then I would check their pupils, changing of pupil size is a late sign of neurological injury. For NCLEX I am sometimes wrong because I think real world not NCLEX world. The second Tetralogy child......what do you know about the anatomy/anomalies of the Tetralogy child and which would be the least invasive. Bending the knees traps the blood in the LE thus allowing the child to better oxygenate the rest of the body.

I hope this helps

thank you Esme,

I got some more questions or clarification for anyone to answer.

1. Can senior elderly with hypertension have a moderate intake of Alcohol/wine?

2. can a DM 2 patient use a large file coorifice to remove a dry skin of his bunion foot?

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What do you think? They say alcohol is OK in moderation and if not having the wine will increase the B/P my vote is to let them have it...but that is not a NCLEX answer.

My other thought is that would it be.....knowing diabetes and what special care they require......is it a GOOD IDEA to let the diabetic use a huge file on their bunions?

What are your thoughts?

My answer is avoid alcohol and avoid the coorifice file (because i though it will cause injury to the patient's bunion.

Basically i didnt really know the use of a coorifice file. LOL

In a NCLEX world setting, can a patient with TB be transported to X-ray Department while wearing a surgical mask?

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This may give you your answer.

remember that TB is tranmitted by droplet.....how would you prevent droplets from spreading during transport.

thank you Esme,

by the way, for example if the nclex question has a option answer of "Do not transport patient and use a portable X-ray". will I select this as the best answer?

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If you have an option it is better to leave the patient where they are and do the protable.

Thank you, Esme,

Here's another random question for anyone to answer...

During general stool specimen collection (not for occult blood), are stool sites with mucus and blood avoided for stool collection?

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I don't know about NCLEX but as far as stool is concerned mucus and blood indicate C-difficile infection and needsx to eb sent.

hi everyone,

In NCLEX setting, I would like to clarify if it is the nurse or surgeon's responsibility to have the patient confirm his/her identity, the surgical site and procedure before administration of anesthesia ?

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