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A and P question


First, I would like to say I have a great respect for the people that have gotten an A (or even a B for that matter) in A and P. I am currently in #1 right now and it is much harder than I thought. I am doing pretty good right now, but our teacher is pretty hard and gives quite a few frequent tests and quizzes. Our next quiz is coming up this Tuesday and it is on the skull only (thank god!). Besides my notes and text, I have found a few sites that are pretty good for learning the many bones, etc...Does anyone have any thoughts memorizing where all these bones go, their names...Just learning the skull is alittle intimidating. Thanks.:bow: Angie

You can try to find flash card made by Frank Netter M.D.. They helped me tons. They have really bright colors so it is easy to distinguish the different bones. It is still no easy task. Study study study.

Hello, I am now in AP II and finished AP I with an "A" last semester. When I was learning bones, I would point to my own body and say the names. In fact this method of using my own body has helped me learn positions, locations, and virtually all surface anatomy. To be honest I try to sing them in little tunes, i.e. "frontal,parietal,occipital,temporal", would be one verse and I would touch each part of my head and repeat. It becomes a little song and soon it is encased in your memory and just by touching your frontal bone, you will be ready to test!! I have a big practical on Tuesday that covers six labs. This is the Mother of all Tests in our class!! Believe me we are all taking pictures of the models in labs. That is another thing, if you don't already, take pictures of the models in lab and study them anywhere,anytime, all the time!!! You will do great, it is just alot to remember. Good Luck:nuke:

I'm in A&P 2 right now, I got a "B" in A&P 1....it is tough! I recommend flashcards. Mine are Barron's and I got them off amazon.com....they're like $30 and well worth it. Good luck!!

I used the internet throughout A&Pl&ll. This site is very useful.


With regards to flashcards, I found images of what I needed to study & sent them to the local photo place. 4x6 prints are like $.19 a piece. They make excellent flashcards. If your school allows you to take pictures of your lab articles, ever better.


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What I did was sit down and write the words over and over again until they flowed from my hand. I went through so much paper studying for A&P it was ridiculous.

I got A's in both sections...and so far in nursing, I still haven't come across a class that is more difficult.

However, I also worked myself to death and functioned on 5 hours of sleep at night to do it (I took them during the summer in an accelerated format).


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I've been using an Anatomy coloring book and that's been helpful. The one I've got goes into detail, so finding, labeling, and coloring each bone has helped me tremendously. I have my lab midterm this Tuesday so we'll see how much I've retained, but I think I'll do well.

I'm in A&P 1 now (I feel your pain!!) and I've just been using tons and tons of flashcards to help me :banghead:......best of luck to us both!

Just wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions. It really helps to find out what has worked for everyone so I can get some ideas. Thanks again. I appreciate all the help on this site. :nuke:


I actually earned A's in both I and II, but I think I lost some of my sanity over it all! :o) The way I learned the skull was to make a copy of an unlabeled skull diagram I found in my lab manual and place that copy inside a sheet protector. Using an overhead marker or a dry erase pen, I practiced labeling the picture by writing directly on the clear plastic. On the back of the unlabeled copy, I placed a labeled picture so I could instantly check myself. All I had to do was to wipe it off and try again until I got it right. This really worked for me since I am a very visual learner. Also, I taught elementary school for 22 years before changing careers to nursing, and this trick always helped my students. Hope this tip helps you tackle those bones! Good luck to you!


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Hi: I am in A+P II now and I know the labeling exercises were the best for me. I dont know what book you are learning from but I had Hole's A+P and in there, there is a tool that you can use. I also found "The Winking Skull" website and it was fun, especially the skull.

Good luck,:bow::redbeathe

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Oh lord.... AnP 1... lol... I think was probably the HARDEST class I've ever taken, even compared to the ones in nursing school. AnP 2 was a little easier in my opinion. AP 1 is kind of like first semester when they chuck all kinds of information at you, and you're floating in a dingy. They just want to see how you'll take it all in and if you can still be floating at the end. It's rough!

I've found that if you can write, say, and hear information, you will have a LOT easier time actually LEARNING what you're studying. As many avenues of intake while studying helps (hearing it, writing it, touching it, speaking it).

I'm actually the class clown. I always have, and I probably always will be. Voted most witty in my small highschool class of 44, and my mom I found out got voted most witty in her highschool class of near 1000 :p Can't be a coincidence! The people that sit around me have grown acustomed to how I am in class. We make class entertaining for ourselves, because usually the instructors read from power points and its boring. We always make little inside jokes and find things to laugh about as the material is being taught. Interestingly enough, we always remember certain material more than other come test time. It's the material we crack jokes on!

Just goes to show, if you can find any way at all to enhance what you're learning, go for it! Also for AP 1, we had an open lab with all the bones setup on the table, so I took a digital camera in, took photos, uploaded them on a CD, and went to photoshop and labeled all the different parts and them archived them on the cd. Actually taking the time to label them myself helped too.

Memorizing the bones. For me I bought a plastic $2 to $3 dollar skeleton, some of the bones were fused but it was a great tool. I breezed through the labs a test because I recognized the structures. However, when I took the class it was Halloween and there where alot of little skeletons around. Also, try the dollar store.

I would try a couple of these, see which one helps. Good luck.

keep those suggestions coming, they are great!!!

angie :bow:

There are 2 websites that I have found extremely helpful with both A&P I and II. They are www.getbodysmart.com and a study partner that is from my book website. Hope you get some use out of these, they have been good to me.

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