A must see to all nurses and nurses to be!


So I was browsing around on my Netflix, looking for something entertaining to watch and I stumbled across a gem. It is called "Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now" and let me just say WOW! This is the most inspiring, heartfelt, and awesome depicted film about the broad spectrum of nursing. It brought tears to my eyes again and again. It reminded me of why I fell in love with nursing and wanted to be a nurse all over again. Im telling all of you this is a must see documentary to all. I highly encourage you to take a hour and a half and watch it!


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Awesome thanks! I'm going to watch it this morning after work :)


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Thanks for the hot tip, I can not wait to watch it!!

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Thanks going to watch today!

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'll go fire up Netflix!

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Thank you! Just added this to my queue


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Thanks! I can't wait to see it.


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I'm gonna watch! Thanks!


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Thanks going to watch today!

I thought of you a lot when watching this esme12! I knew you would like it.

I hope they dont remove it from netflix anytime soon i wanna watch ;-0

Thanks for posting info on such an awesome movie! I didn't know it was on Netflix until I searched it. Just got done watching and WOW, is a pretty good word to sum it up. I love love love the line, "Truly blessed and lovingly chosen". That is the best definition of a nurse I've heard yet. Great movie, very motivating.