A Guy Explains Birth to a Pregnant Woman

by MachoNurse MachoNurse, BSN, RN

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Yesterday I explained birth to a pregnant woman. Well, at least part of the process. Me, a guy with no kids and no chance of becoming pregnant. How, I ask myself, could I possibly be qualified to teach a pregnant woman anything about having a baby? In the past three weeks, I've seen one vaginal birth and one Cesarean, and have done assessments on a few newborns and new moms. I doubt if I could even get a small part on Gray's Anatomy with that resume.

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Awesome! You just made me twice as excited to get going and graduate to do L&D! I have 2 babies of my own- it really is a miracle!

sure seas

sure seas

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I am currently studying to become a midwife so I totally am with you on the joy and love that is around during a birth. I follow women through their pregnancy and spend alot of time getting to know them, its wonderful when at the birth that they allow us to be a part of an experience that is amazing. Every birth is special no matter how they arrive.

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Thank you for sharing this great story! As a mother of 4 I wish I would have had a nurse like you by my side instead of "Nurse-I hate my life and my job im only here for the paycheck-Sunshine" She was honestly that awful! Women need more nurses like yourself who actually care and share their unforgettable moment with them. By the way "Nurse Sunshine" was the nurse for my first baby 19 years again and I can still remember her---your L&D nurse is never forgotten good or bad!



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wow, you so accurately described how i felt when i got into OB!!! it's like, "wow... this is it!" and you can actually answer patient's questions confidently and you really "get it"... good for you!

unfortunately, the 3 hospitals in my area didn't want new grads so i have to work med/surg for awhile... after that, i hope i can have a career in OB!!!


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beautiful. This is why I am OB nurse. Birth is a miracle I never tire of seeing.



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Nice post. I hope you will consider OB. I know I'd love to work w/ an enthusiastic new grad like you will soon be. I hope this is the first of many good experiences for you.

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haras regnurps

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L/d is great !

somedays new life is all there is to Hope for.

nursing is a complex field that you've entered into.

don't ever lose your compassion and your passion.:nurse:


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:icon_hug:Dear MachoNurse, your're just a big sweety. I loved how you wrote this!!

Your a major league Marshmellow! I would have loved having you there when my girls were born. The only nurse I remember was the one who called me a bad Mom, this after 12hrs trying to push a 10 pound baby out and complications to the both of us, having the baby rushed to NICU without even being allowed to see her, having my room changed and not told what was happening. My room mate was a 15yr old (who had twins) that thought she was in for a slumber party and her friends and family arriving at all hours of the day & night. My 2nd birth was much better! A loving, caring Nurse would have been a blessing.