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A&P 1


Hi everyone! Getting ready to take A&P 1 this fall any suggestions, tips, tricks etc for me? I'm excited to be in something geared more towards Nursing but nervous too. Haha

Thanks in advance! ;)

I found that watching A&P Lectures on youtube helped me tremendously. Videos by Mandi Parker and AnatomyGMC were the ones I used and the outlines were pretty spot on with my textbook/class. Also, if you textbook comes with an online study site I would recommend that too for practice quizzes, animations, and memory games.

I believe having a strong curiosity about how the body works really helped. A&P I & II success depends on how well developed your study habits are. You have to be devoted to it. I went through over 600 note cards for my A&P's, I read everything my teacher recommended, plus I used google to find quiz sites which helped me practice bones, muscles, and body systems.

One other key thing, if you can't explain how a system works before a test, it probably means you didn't study enough. Ex. Blood flow, and digestion. Practice explaining it to other people, (who will listen). You will find your weaknesses that way. Also it's a wonderful way to drill it into your brain.

Everyone learns different, you have to find what works for you.

Good luck and happy studying!

I am just finishing up my summer anatomy class this week, some of the things that I found to be helpful are... Understand what your style of learning is, this is one of the main key factors. Are you a visual leaner, need to write it down, an auditory or hands on. Usually people are a combination of these learning styles knowing what your styles you tend to lean towards is really going to help, myself I am a writing and hands on type of person, so taking my own notes before class and also during class helped. Along with making note cards that I carried with me every where, even work I would keep a set of cards on me to go through when I had a free moment.

There are some great YouTube videos available that I would definitely recommend checking out, really helped when covering the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. I would also suggest a page from Gateway college, don't have the address on me at the moment, but they have some great interactive pictures when dealing with the skeletal system on learning the bones and different landmarks on different bones, was a big help for me.

Also getting a good handle on the introductory information will help, understanding the different types of tissues, anatomical terminology and such.

Good luck with your class, I know that I have dedicated so much time to my anatomy class this summer that I have started dreaming about the different systems that we have been covering :)


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I agree with ladyk84, if you can't teach someone about the digestive system, you don't know the digestive system. Even if no one is around, you can always "teach" it to yourself. You may feel silly talking to yourself but it is an almost guaranteed way to ace any test. And I always ask myself questions about the subject, as well. And if I can't answer my own question, I look it up. I hope that makes sense. Other than that...enjoy the time out of school! :)


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I'll be in your position next summer, somewhat. I took Human Anatomy & Physiology I last fall, but I dropped the course due to my own insecurities of a science course along with being a bit weak within the subject.

I took General Biology I this summer, and I found that most of the coursework covered within there (with the exception of tissues and biology more related to humans rather than in general) were covered in Human A&P I.

Nonetheless, I wish you luck! I found that what helped me in my biology course was consistent studying and being a part of a study group; the same could also work out for you regarding Human A&P. I know I'll be doing that once I take that course next summer.

I say the old fashion way of reading, reading, re reading, then reading again! I was in an accelerated A&P course, which was 8 weeks, we attended classes 3 days a week, and we had 3 exams a week. One day a chapter exam, next day a lab exam, so on and so forth.

I never used flash cards because in A&P there's so much info, it's hard to point out what's important and what's not, you're be doing flash cards forever! But try it, see if this works for you!

Lastly, I say dedicate your all to re course, it's actually fun, but it is rigorous, but you'll want to really dedicate the time to the material in order to really comprehend it, make t your life! I believe in you future nurse! You'll do great!

I suggest Professor Fink on YouTube. He has an entire year's worth of A&P lecture videos.

I loved to use the anatomy coloring book. It helped info cement for me.

We also used bozemanscience on YouTube quite a bit. I like the way he explains things.

Aside from reading and flashcards I found a few apps to help study bones/muscles etc. I also got washable markers and would draw out or label bones, muscles, veins and arteries on myself during the weekend. It helped me to visualize where they were. Just make sure the markers you get wash off easily. :)

The last suggestion I have is to stay on top of assignments and get help if you don't understand something.

Im sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting to them to tell us what textbook to get and ask for the syllabus ahead of time..... eeeeek 5 more weeks I can't wait to start!!!

Ah anatomy and physiology.. First off, prepare yourself for study time. Do you own a recorder? I used this during my classes and it was helpful to hear lecture again on the same day at home and take more detailed notes. I also suggest going over your notes the same day you have class. If your professor posts outlines, study guides and such on their website, blackboard.. Print these out if they're available before class and go through them. As soon as you find out what book you need to buy, get it and skim through the first few chapters before the semester starts if you can. Before class if you have time skim the chapters for a feel. Go back and read these later on. I feel that studying daily is better than cramming in large amounts of information. Two sites I loved while studying for anatomy , physiology were getbodysmart.com and innerbody.com . there's an app in goggle play store for anatomy it doesn't cost a lot. You must locate stuff as quick as you can. Sounds dorky but I think this is what helped me study before a test as well. Use lab time wisely, if you need to ask the professor questions do it. Good luck on your course and don't let the grade if your first test bring you down!