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How does ANYONE pass this class..What am I doing wrong??? Anyone have any good study tips or any tips that can help me pass. First test got a 62... That also happend to be the CLASS AVERAGE!!!! which is horrible i feel on the professors part.. If anyone wants to start a study group online PM me..

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I currently have a 92% in the class. You have to study everyday and print pictures of all the tissues at Walgreens to make into flashcards. Visual bones is a great app that has helped me also. Good luck!


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That's been about the average in our class too. I don't think there are shortcuts really, but I have been able to pull off A's by always reading the chapters in their entirety, answering all the questions in the study guide carefully (writing them all out), and reviewing all our professor's PowerPoints. Rinse and repeat. However, when I go back through the chapter, I review my highlights, margin notes, and graphs/photos rather quickly, instead of doing the slow reading. This actually helps me focus on the important info, instead of getting lost in the mountain of details. I also do a scan of the chapter before I actually do the initial reading to get an overview. Another thing that helps is reviewing the chapter summaries and answering the chapter review questions. You'll be surprised at how much you don't know but thought you absorbed, just because you did the reading.

You basically just have to keep going over everything until you can explain it to yourself and others. I think this is key. Latch on to whatever can get you there: flashcards, simplified review books, etc. There are a lot of great A&P study aids out there.

Try to study a little every day; don't do a last-minute marathon study session and cram everything in. And take breaks; let your mind digest the info. Honestly, what I put in this last little paragraph is my best advice for you. With this approach, many paths can get you to your destination. You just have to figure out what study style works best for you.


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thanks! we are not up muscles and bones yet. As for the test , all questions are multiple choice so we dont need to remeber what the slides look like! Im going to download that app though!


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I think figuring out how to study is the biggest challange for me. I do try and go over everything in spurts, I don't cram. I feel last test I studied as you had just said, I made flash cards, read the textbook did the tests in the book, did the test on the online part of the book, I also took his practice test, went over all the powerpoints ect ect ect.. I feel like it was the way he wording the questions that got me. Im not the only one that felt that way.

It is just SO discouraging to want something SO bad and I work in the field already.. and to know that I may never get there. I already have a D from 3 years ago and a W under my belt as well...I can take a W again but that looks bad with so many


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I just took test #2 in A&P I, which was cell cycle and tissues. My professor warned us that test #2 is notorious for being the hardest to pass. I managed to get an 82. I feel like I could have gotten an A but I psyched myself out so much because I felt like I was doomed to fail it. It was multiple choice and there were a lot of trick questions that are meant to make you think. Those type of questions are worded somewhat differently than hw or quiz questions. You have to truly understand and know it like the back of your hand to answer the trick questions.

Many people failed the test in my class and one girl in my study group said that she doesn't understand how because spent hours reviewing etc. but I don't think she slowed down to really learn and absorb the material. It wasn't "sticking and clicking" for her. I felt bad because I figured out what worked for me, which is read aloud, read slow and repeat anything that I don't get over and over but I don't think she got that. I would also write out any concept I got stuck on over and over. Try to get the homework problems done ASAP and then study them because they are the closest thing to test questions usually.

Talk to your professor and ask for some direction on what to focus on so you don't waste time studying the wrong things. I found out a lot of people in my class totally missed that we needed to study the location of tissues in the body, not just what they looked liked like. Good luck!!


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Ladylamp is correct. Key for me is being able to talk it out. If you can explain it in your own words, then you have gone beyond memorization. For example, we just learned bones, cartilage, articulations and muscles. I can memorize that a tendon connects muscle to bone, or that ligaments connect bones to other bones, however it is much more difficult to be able to talk out what that really looks like. For some reason, I kept wanting to simply memorize, and it wasn't until I read more, or watched a video on-line that I was able to truly see, beyond the memorization of the words.

Also, I use youtube big time. I read each chapter, then I listen to my teacher lecture, then I review her lecture slides, then I head over to youtube and often times find a lecture about the given topic, however given by a different professor other than my professor. Like ladylamp mentioned, I rinse AND repeat, over and over! I study every single day, and I attempt, although I am not always successful to stay ahead of the curve. You really have to attempt to at least skim the chapter before lecture. Once I've gone through the routine above a couple of times, I usually polish it off by reading the chapter again, and it is that final time of reading that I finally start to feel like the concepts are coming together for me. Good Luck!


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A 62 was the class average for my class as well, I got an 87, but I heard many of my classmates grades and they were around 40's and 50's. Our class took our 2nd lecture exam today and I know my grade is above a 90. I have read a couple study tips on people that have ended up with A's and some are very good and are very similar to what I am doing. First of all If your prof. Provides power points print them out and that will be your study guide for each of the chapters (read & study it very carefully!), next read the chapter of the book and for the labs read the lab chapter as well. When I say read I mean intentionally read it, don't just skim through it, and don't go over another section until you have really understood the concept of each section you are reading. The object is yes to memorize, but also to actually understand each section/chapter. It is way better to understand, because if you understand you will memorize without effort. Well Good Luck to you I hope you make it and leave the laziness aside if that's a factor for you.

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Good day, Jesslogan:

Ask to speak to the professor in private to go over the test. Take your notes along as well as the book. Ask the professor to review your notes to see if you are taking notes correctly and well. Go over the test, and see what you got wrong; take notes of those areas. Ask the professor how you can improve on understanding the material better so that you can do better on the next exam.

Then review your study habits and learning style. Are you visual, kinetic, auditory, combination (if so, equal or leaning in certain directions). Then adjust your study habits to your learning style. If your school has a learning center / tutoring center, visit the center to ask questions, get tutoring, etc.

AP1 and AP2 involve a lot of memorization; if your tests are terminology heavy (vs. process), then start learning common prefix, root, and suffixes so you can dissect a word apart to get the gist of its meaning (if you've not had a medical terminology course). For processes, it will depend on your learning style (I write notes, retype my notes, and lately I've been creating mind maps).

Thank you.


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I bought a lot of A&P coloring books which helped me a lot. Also, the first time I took A&P I I had to withdraw by the 1st exam. The teaching style of the professor just wasn't right for me. When I switched professors, I found the class far better to follow and did really well in the class.

Edit: Also, I found talking about it with everyone seems to help. I was constantly holding A&P conversations with my husband (in which of course he mostly didn't know what I was talking about). The best was when I would try to teach it. If you're understanding something a little better than a classmate, you can try to teach it to them and it will stick in your brain better. Or you can try teaching what you're learning to a friend. Even if they never end up getting it, the repetition will help you memorize the material.


Try Netter's Anatomy flash cards. You won't get through all of them in API but when you move on to AP2 they will continue to help you. Sorry to here of your struggles. I would strongly suggest building a study group with your classmates. I had 3 ladies in Lab and we formed a group and met often- it really helps.

This was especially helpful when we got to muscle and neuro phys! Some things just need to be talked out before it clicks- it's not all memorization.

If the professor is open to it, suggest a review before each exam and practical. Ours would do this and remind us of some key questions that were sure to show up. Still the hardest class I've ever taken! I passed but need to retake in order to get a spot in our ADN program here. It's competitive for a few seats and the rest is lottery!

"I was constantly holding A&P conversations with my husband (in which of course he mostly didn't know what I was talking about). The best was when I would try to teach it."

And here I thought I was the only one! "Teaching" it is a great way to go- regardless if the recipient is paying attention/ getting it or not.

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