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  1. Im in the same boat as you. A "W" doesn't count towards an attepmt, atleast at my cc. So for micro you may wanna re-take again if you can. They make these classes SO hard. Yes I get its to weed out people, but in my opinion just cause you are smart d...
  2. Should I work as a CNA?

    Being a CNA isn't always easy. I work as a Patient care tech on telemetry at hospital. You have your great days, your good days and the not so good days. But it is what you make of it. I LOVE helping others. You will see me walking down the hall all ...
  3. Should I work as a CNA?

    If your employer offers it for FREE and placement at a hospital, I would 150% do that. I work as an aide a my local hospital. I had a conversation just last week with a nursing student about to graduate in May and she was asking me how to get her foo...
  4. A & P 1

    I think figuring out how to study is the biggest challange for me. I do try and go over everything in spurts, I don't cram. I feel last test I studied as you had just said, I made flash cards, read the textbook did the tests in the book, did the test...
  5. A & P 1

    thanks! we are not up muscles and bones yet. As for the test , all questions are multiple choice so we dont need to remeber what the slides look like! Im going to download that app though!
  6. A & P 1

    How does ANYONE pass this class..What am I doing wrong??? Anyone have any good study tips or any tips that can help me pass. First test got a 62... That also happend to be the CLASS AVERAGE!!!! which is horrible i feel on the professors part.. If any...
  7. March 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    crap... all of my 8 patients need meds at 3...

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