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I have a patient who is recovering from gangrene of the scrotum. Following surgery to remove the necrotic tissue they stitched him up, but the sutures didn't hold. His scrotum is wide open along the bottom. The incision is... Read More

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    This is a tricky one.

    I think I would pack the wound with an absorbant foam dressing. You can get ones from Allevyn which are little pieces of foam contained in a tea bag type 'pocket'. You just pop these into the cavity, they come in all different sizes. Cover with a sterile dressing and then hold all in place with a stockinette dressing - something like tubifast or tubinet. I would cover the whole of the scrotum with this, cutting a hole in it to feed the penis through hole so it can be fixed above the pubes, therefore no tape would be required peri wound.

    Sorry about my poor descriptive abilities, but I hope you get my meaning.

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    What creative home care nurses we have here!

    Surgilast is great stuff---dont' know if covered in Canada but I've seen it cover huge chest and stretches well without too snug. They can custom make if needed.

    I'd pack wound with hydrogel on ribbon gauze too.

    Fungal groin rash responds to DRY power better than cream since moist area. Two things that help: dusting dry skin with mycostatin powder or tolfinate athelete's foot powder.
    Once fungal cleared up, I swear by A + D ointment to the skin as acts as moiture barrier and prevents chafing and fungal reocurrance/brush burns that happen with us plus size folks.

    All good ideas re dressings already taken.
    Maternity belt could be used with opened up 4X4 like kerchef sling to hold eveything in place.
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    We had a patient who had a necrotic scotum...The Dr. was at his wits end about how to heal it up....He told us do what you want and try anything.....We started applying vasaline guaze to the area with abd pads in the groin areas and around the scrotal area.....The necrotic scrotal area turn to mush which we debrided.......we continued with the vasaline guaze until it totally healed......It took about 3 months of daily PRN changes to the dressing.but it was effective.......
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    Jay Jay, I have no good suggestions for you either, but I was curious. This has to be one of the most difficult types of dressings.

    All I could think of was to have him sitz bath bid, and cover with vasoline guaze and abds for drainage, then as to how to have had lots of good suggestions here, none I can improve on. And he MUST MUST MUST keep BS under control or all will be for naught. I know a sitz isn't sterile, but how sterile is it really now? At least it would be clean.

    Good luck!

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