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Home Healthcare Nurse: July/August 2011 - Volume 29 - Issue 7 - p 429440 Say Goodbye to Wet-to-Dry Wound Care Dressings: Changing the Culture of Wound Care Management Within Your Agency... Read More

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    NRSKarenRN, I'm still confused. I thought that going from the hydrogel to the DSD was a moist to dry dressing. In my facility, we almost always do the moist to dry but still refer to it as wet to dry. Would you please clarify if you mean the moist to dry is still ok but to just avoid the truly wet to dry? Thank you. I'm trying very hard to learn all this but I have a lot to learn

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    Wet to moist dressings are the kosher version of wet to drys, the gauze is intended to never dry out and inevitably rip out viable tissue. However, there are so many better options for wounds with many facets contributing to their presence. The wound dressing should address the wound environment and etiology if possible.

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