Nursing in Germany

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    I ws just wanting to know if there were any nurses here form Germany. I am interested in everything about Germany. (even learning the language) Would love to find a pen pal

    Lisa (

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    I think Renee is from Austria. I know it isn't Germany, but if that's close enough her screen name is semstr. You could probably pm her, she's a nice gal.
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    I went to Weisbaden (hope I spelled that right) back in 1985, stayed a brother was in the service and living there with his wife.....I loved it! It was so beautiful.....I wish I could have seen more of it....would love to go back one day!
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    Hi, I lived in Germany for 8 years, we just returned last year. Four of those years I worked for the Army Health Clinic in Wiesbaden Germany, for he only pediatrician there. I am an EMT/Ma and took most of all m prerequistes for my rn while I was there. Now I am a supervisor for a 4 pediatrician office and supervise 3 ma's. I loved germany and would go back if the Air Force would let us, but alas, we are retiring sep 1, 2002.
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    I have some dear friends in Bamberg Germany. I would give anything to go and visit there. They send me some very nice things, pics etc... They are visiting here next summer. But I think I would rather visit there. lol but I have 4 kids and a hubby who thinks I am crazy for wanting to go to Germany. So unless I go alone (and cause alot of trouble at home) I will probally never get there. I believe Wiesbaden is not to far from Bamberg.
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    Hubby and I were stationed in Augsburg and Frankfurt over in Germany for three years. Loved every minute of it! I would live there if I could take all my kids and grandbabies with me, but since I can't, I'll make the motherly and grandmotherly sacrifice and stay within driving distance of the little darlings. :chuckle :kiss
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    My husband tried to get into the airforce when we just had our daughter, they ( the recuiter) was nice, but said that hubby was to old (21). We had a child and they told us that he would not be able to support us on the income provided. I think the only thing I will be able to do is dream of getting there :-( . Probally not safe enough to fly now anyway.
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    Too OLD to get into the AIR FORCE at 21???? HUH??? what am I missing? When pray tell was this? They are dying for people NOW? I am sorry for your missed opportunity! The Air Force is a great way to see things and meet lots of people...have been in and involved w/air force life for 20 years now.
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    I too visited Germany in 1985. Spent a week of it in Wiesbaden, 2 weeks in the Taunus Mountains & 2 or 3 weeks in a little town called Fichtelberg-Neubau. I learned more about speaking German in those weeks! I was one of 2 Americans in a CVJM (German YMCA) camp...the counselors didn't have time to translate for us, so I caught as much as possible & shared it with the other American who did not speak a word of German.

    When we wanted to grip about something to each other, we realized early on that if we lapsed into a VERY thick southern american accent & spoke rapidly, few could understand us! It was one way to blow off steam when we were in the throes of culture shock!

    Ich liebe Deutschland!

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    Hi Lisa,

    as Fergus posted already, I am not in Germany, but in Austria.
    You are welcome to pm me any time.
    Of course Austria is different as Germany, we are a bit "gemuetlicher" (=easy-going, slow-lived) here as the Germans.
    Want to learn the'll learn German with a very interesting dialect to it!
    Want to work as a nurse, RN, LPN whatever......we need hundreds of them.
    But as I said pm me any time, when you are really serious about this, I know the right people to help you out.

    take care, Renee

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