New Grad positions, is anyone in WI hiring?

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    I am graduating from a BSN accelerated program in Green Bay and am looking to move preferrably to Madison. I am open to moving to Milwaukee or even central Wisconsin. It doesn't look like there are many jobs open right now. Does anyone know who is hiring and possibly what the starting pay is?

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    the pay in madison hospitals is in the 29 to low 30's but unless you have a connection you are not likely to get a job. but maybe apply the the december new grad program at never know. I think milwaukee is a better bet. Good luck
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    Not too much hiring going on anywhere in the state for new grads or experienced nurses. And the positions that do become open are for part time. There are positions in the Milwaukee area...mostly they are with Aurora Healthcare...which I wouldn't recommend anymore.
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    Im also a new grad who just passed nclex....whats bad about aurora? Do tell...
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    A lot of hospitals in the Milwaukee area are laying off nurses. Heard it from former classmates and fellow coworkers who have friends in the hospitals.
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    I have heard that the starting pay for new grads in SE WI is around $21.50.

    They most often only offer part time (20 hours a week) with no hope for a transition into full time when they do post openings (rare). You wait 6 months and would need to interview for a full time position with the rest of the flock again to try for full time. Not really doable.
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    Just to add about the uw madison, i ran into a nurse from there at my job and she she said they have about 100 over-hires right now from august right now. Pretty crazy. St. Marys has zero jobs listed and i don't think the VA hospital does either. My facility isn't hiring either. just not a good time to be job-searching for acute care in wisconsin.
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    Aspirus Wausau Hospital is hiring on new grads still. In my orientation alone there were 6 new grads hired, so try applying with them. The pay is a little lower than Madison though the cost of living is lower. Good luck!
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    I graduated from an accelerated BSN program (2nd degree) and live in the Madison area and also can tell you that you will not get a call back on your application unless you know someone from within at any of the hospitals here. I did my clinicals at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison and there are no openings for new grads. I think they are on a hiring freeze. I have been trying clinics and nursing homes around here now. I am also expanding my search to the Milwaukee area because there are more facilities hiring. The new Aurora hospital in Grafton is hiring new grads.......If you are willing to move, I would check this out. I think your best bet is to expand your search area if you aren't tied down with family or kids.... I would, however, avoid Madison since this area seems to be saturated with experienced nurses and it is not very often new grads are hired at this time. You would have to do some serious networking!! I also applied to the UW Hospital Nurse Residency program made the first round of interviews and was cut. It seems that they favor the students that have done their clinicals at UW or have worked there before. I know Wheaton Franciscan in Racine just posted a whole bunch of NEW GRAD Positions (10, I believe) that you could try for.
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    Hey, I graduate with my ADN in about a month and was just offered a full-time ICU position at United Hospital System-Kenosha, but I had to compete with THREE other Student Nurse Interns for the same spot ! I am waiting to hear back from Froedert, but if I were you, I would definitely look at either St. Mary's Racine, Aurora in Grafton (though I heard other Aurora hospitals have hiring freezes still), or whatever you can get cuz its pretty tight hiring. Though I do know United Hospital does have positions available in Medoical-Surgical and Cardiac Step-down. Good luck!

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