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I was just told that a law is being passed that WI nurses need their BSN to be an RN in Wisconsin, and that the current nurses are grandfathered in. Has anyone heard this!??!?... Read More

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    At the hospital where I do clinicals here in WI, my instructor says that 60% of the nurses hold an ADN. A law like that would never pass right now.

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    I think there are few states that care less about an RNs entry to practice than Wisconsin. In Wisconsin my experience has been that they care what you know, not how you came to know it. I work at one of the larger hositals in Wisconsin and our SICU manager that was just hired last year doesn't even have a BSN. I don't know of any hospitals in WI that pay more for BSN either. I don't know of any hospitals that have "BSN only" in their job adds for staff nurses, though the UW has "BSN prefered" in theirs but I know lots of ADN new grads who have been hired there.
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