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I'm planning on starting my MSN in September. The new MSN curriculum is now posted online on the college's website. It appears that the entire program has changed and is now 38 credits. I wanted to... Read More

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    WGU's only two tracks are Leadership/ Management and Education - which is why they have not had them before now.
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    I think it is a good idea to do the three "P's". I got my MSN from WGU last year and those three were not included.
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    Quote from paradiseboundRN
    Here is some info if you are currently in the RN-BSN program and may want to switch.

    I'm currently in the RN-BSN program and was considering the MSN education track before these changes. I called my mentor about the changes and she said that students can change tracks in between semesters. My semester ends in September 30th and the new MSN programs may or may not launch in September. If I finish the semester before they launch than I can change to RN-MSN and be grandfathered into the old RN-MSN program. I'm not going to be heartbroken if I'm not able to do the old program, but if I can, I'll take advantageous of it. The person to call at WGU regarding changing your bridge program is Mary Pugmire.
    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. I actually changed from the BSN to the MSN track in the middle of my term. I had talked to ****and learned about the bridge program but I didn't like the idea of waiting, and in my case, postponing my graduating from the BSN track. I took my concerns directly to my mentor and she told me that once in awhile they will allow students to change their track in the middle of their term. I'm not exactly sure how long she's been a mentor but I was only the second student she'd helped do this. By doing it that way I saved on repeating classes and finished my BSN in one term. I received my BSN from WGU at the end of January. I did have a bit of a concern job-wise waiting on obtaining my BSN which I believe assisted me in them allowing me to switch the way I did. Long story short, if you're concerned about getting into the current MSN track, perhaps speak with your mentor about it.
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    I did speak with my mentor, who is wonderful, but she was not able to switch me to the 'old' MSN mid-term. But she says she did try!
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    I enrolled in WGU MSN leadership program 9/1/13. Complete chaos!!! The first class transrelational research is horrible. No one can pass the pre-assessment and the people that did can't pass the objective. The school is doing nothing about it saying "its too early to tell" Stay away from this school is my recommendation. They threw it together with little thought and planning and now the students are suffering.
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    RN forever is telling the truth. The new program is horrible. I just want to finish this semester, and start another program. The information in the course of study is not covered on the objective test. This makes progressing through the program difficult, because most of the classes have an objective exam. Again, please stay away from the new MSN program at WGU.
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    I waited on enrolling in the MSN for just this reason. I graduated from the BSN program last month (the BSN program was wonderful!), but due to a lack of feedback on the new MSN I was watching the facebook group and other sites to see what was going on. If not on the facebook group (WGU RN/BSN to MSN Discussion Group ), you should join and let us 'waiters' know.
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    I am in the new program and I passed the pre-assessment with minimal studying. Most of the first class is stuff that was barely covered in my BSN, so it is mostly new to me. Lots of statistics and research methods. It takes more studying and reading than I expected. But I like it so far. It isn't an easy breezy program. It is challenging, but I like my mentors and they seem very interested in helping the students succeed. I waited to get into the new program and I am happy I did. We all have our own opinions, and to each his own. Just my opinion of the new program.
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    Hi All
    I looked at WGUs website and it said the tests for MSN are computer-based and proctored. What does this mean? Do you go to a testing center?
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    Quote from desertflower100
    Hi All
    I looked at WGUs website and it said the tests for MSN are computer-based and proctored. What does this mean? Do you go to a testing center?
    You can test at home with a webcam, or you can go to a testing center. Whichever works best for you.
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    Hi guys

    I' have been struggling with FWC2 for a while now I've failed the OA twice each time with a 60. I am really unsure on how to pursue studying for my third attempt which I am hoping is my last. I have met with the course mentor, read articles, read material, watched recorded seminar not sure what is left for me to do. EBP and CER are the two subjects that I am scoring the lowest on I am having a hard time answering those type questions on the exam. Any tips, advice, words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance
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    I was planning on going to WGU for a MSN in leadership and management and thought it would be a good fit. Since I have test anxiety I was looking forward to a program where the vast majority of the classes only required papers (several friends who have graduated from WGU with MSNs provided me with this information). However, it appears that with the recent curriculum changes the program has vastly changed and over half of the courses now require proctored exams!

    Has anyone started their MSN at WGU since the curriculum changes and can they share what it is like? Thanks!

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