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  1. desertflower100

    American Sentinel University

    Regional accreditation isn't nursing accreditation. Thanks for the info.
  2. desertflower100

    MSN - Clinical Trials: Duke, GWU, or Drexel?

    Depends on what you want to do....There are lots of people in the clinical trials industry with no nursing backgrounds. You can get a CRA position without a masters or sometimes even without a BSN. Most CROs only require a bachelors degree in science. So someone with a BS in biology can be making a nice salary. Choose wisely!
  3. desertflower100

    American Sentinel University

    They don't have regional accreditation and nursing programs without practicums don't seem very beneficial. i would like to hear from someone else who has graduated and if they felt it was worth the time and money.
  4. desertflower100

    Other jobs for BSN with revoked license?

    You don't need a current license to get into clinical research. Try to get an entry level position with one of the large CROs like quintiles or PPD, etc. as a CRA-clinical research associate. You may need to relocate and there is a lot of travel. You could also become a clinical research coordinator. Gateway Comm. Coll has an online program.
  5. Pharmas are notorious for lay-offs. Your best bet without experience is with a CRO. I am a project manager with an MS but they didn't give me the promotion because of that. But through years of CRA experience. An MBA would be a better bet for entry-level project management positions. None of us want to start at the bottom and work up-but that is the reality in this industry. Especially in this economy. Good luck.
  6. desertflower100

    non-clinical nursing research?

    It doens't really sound like you are interested that much in the health field. Have you thought about going into another field like marketing reseach, etc?
  7. desertflower100

    How can I become oncology clinical research nurse?

    Apply to oncology centers/MDs who do clinical research. You can join SoCRA but can't take their certification exam without research experience. Hope that helps.
  8. desertflower100

    LPN working in Clinical Research while pursuing RN

    You could become a clinical research coordinator without an RN. Gateway Community COllege has an online program.
  9. desertflower100

    MSN - Clinical Trials: Duke, GWU, or Drexel?

    Arizona State University has an MSN in Clinical Research Admn.
  10. What is the next step you are going for? You should research the options in clinical research first. If you want to move on to Clinical Research Associate you will be on the road 60-80%. You could work in an office as a Clinical Trials Assistant but would need to relocate to say RTP, San Diego, Austin, etc. I have been in the industry for years and really don't think an MS degree will get you farther than you could go on your own, say by relocating or being willing to travel a great deal. A BSN would be enough. But again, need to relocate, travel, etc. Very difficult to get into project management jobs witout clinical research associate experience. You could become a clinical research coordinator with what you have now. Hope this helps.
  11. desertflower100

    Leaving Pharmaceutical Research for Nursing

    I have been in clinical research for years, and many clinical research coordinators don't have nursing backgrounds. In fact, many don't have research experience. I have worked with some who are MA's or some who have no credentials in the health field. Believe it. Doctors/clinics try to save money and this is one way to do it. If you want to be a CRC why don't you take a course like at Gateway Community College or I think there is a 2 yr program in North Carolina.
  12. desertflower100

    How to be a Research Assistant?

    Hello CRAs travel constantly, so if you aren't fit to work in the hospital, CRA wouldn't be a fit for you. You could become a clinical research coordinator. I think Gateway Community College has an online program for this. Good luck.
  13. desertflower100

    Utilization Review question-need expert advice

    Hi I need some advice. :confused:Thanks in advance. I have been out of the hospital for a lot of years and have been in clinical research, monitoring drug studies. I do a lot of chart and data reviews according to FDA regs., etc. I work with a lot of technology and am on the phone a lot, work with clinic staff to solve patient issues, etc. This work requires a lot of travel. Since I can't travel anymore, I have been researching UR and case management options. It looks interesting to me and I think I would be good at it. Question: how likely is it that I could get a job in UR without the recent hosp. experience? I live in a state without a lot of job options, such as insurance co, etc. How about a hospital or managed care (Humana, Cigna) UR position? Would you recommend any coursework or certifications such as McKESSONs CPHM? I have a BSN and current RN license. Would a CM position be out of the question?