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Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything! - page 8

I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU. Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that... Read More

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    It's a great program; however, you must be employed as an RN to enroll. So as soon as you have a job, go for it!
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    I have just accepted a job as a LPN, but it is Per Diem. Does Per Diem count? My new job stated they are open to hiring me as a RN as soon as I pass my boards (using my Per Diem status as a LPN to see if I am a good fit for their facility). It is an assisted living facility (don't know if it has to be in a hospital setting).
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    I have been reading that this program is mostly papers (don't mind papers at all), but how are the exams? What if you don't pass them the first time? What is considered a passing grade on those test?
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    Oh, and thanks for this thread! Awesome resource!!!
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    You just have to have a job. So per diem, as long as you are working as an RN should be ok.
    You can re-take exams, and re-write papers. Passing scores are different for each exam.
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    Awesome! Thanks!
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    You are allowed 4 attempts on each exam (the first 2 are free, after that it is $60 per exam). The exams are a different version each time you take it so you won't have the exact same questions each time.
    As far as the papers, you can resubmit them until you have passed all sections of the paper based on evaluator feedback and the rubric.
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    Hi marycarney & meanmaryjean,

    I must thank you guys as well as all the other members who have been sharing a lot of information and giving valuable inputs regarding WGU. I'm now enrolled in WGU and will be starting my RN-BSN in June '14. If everything goes well with my BSN, I'm planning to continue with the MSN leadership track.

    maryjean, which track did you complete? Could you share your experience?
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    Thanks for your time you have any info on thr LVN to RN bsn courses?
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    Hi! Congrats to you! My question is are there any group projects in any classes?
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    No group projects
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    Psych LVN,

    I wanted to let you know that IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) has an LVN to BSN program. When I was an LPN I searched the world over and that was the only one I ever found. It is not online just so you know, Indiana PA is about 70(?) miles east of Pittsburgh. Two of my co-workers are in the program now and a third co-worker is starting in the fall.
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    This has been extremely useful and motivating. I have been considering WGU and after reading here it is almost confirmed.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.