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    Hi, I'm getting ready to start April 1 at WGU. One of the classes I need to take is BioChem. Can someone please talk me off the ledge about taking this class? Is there any resources i can look at to maybe start brushing up on the topic? Thanks!

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    No need for a ledge. It is not a difficult class, although some find it tedious. Make sure to get a copy of the '20 day plan' when you can get into the class communities and watch ALL the mentor help videos. They really do walk you through it. And buy pipe cleaners at Walmart. (you'll see why when you get there).
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    Thank you so much for the encouragement!!
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    Is there any resources that you might suggest so i could get a jump on studying?
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    Not really, it's not a 'studying' type of class. There's no test, it's a series of projects that need to be completed. If on facebook, look up the 'WGU RN to BSN discussion' page so you can see what others have said. It's an unusual type of class, so I'm not sure it's possible to get a jump on it. Don't stress! If you don't know how to do a powerpoint, that's one thing you could brush up on - seems that's a sticking point for some. There's videos and several documents that will walk you through these projects.
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    The introductory section in that class is a basic chem refresher, and as already noted, the resources they provide make it too easy...really. I also agree on just brushing up on Powerpoint or the Google docs equivalent (BTW, the WGU biochem class mentors even have their own walk-through videos for THAT).
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    I am starting on April 1st too and I have to take biochem. I am also on the FB page and have seen a lot of great information posted, so I have an idea of what it will be like. Good luck!
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    20 day plan. Join the wgu rn bsn facebook group. It is a little time consuming but not hard with the plan.
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    thanks for all of the great information
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    I cannot figure out how to join a class community. Any way you can talk me through it?

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