working in washington state

  1. 0 im a foreign RN who learnt outside USA i want to know what are the requirments to be able to work as aRN this state .......... responses really appreciated
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    washington, dc is our nation's capital, not a state and located on east coast. flat area warm and humid in summer.

    info: board of nursing

    nursing application package

    washington state is on the west coast, much colder and mountainous.
    washington state nursing care quality
    assurance commission

    which do you desire?
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    you need to meet their requirements of a foreign trained nurse and all inof on their website. I would read in the International forum there are lots there to help you. Also id you are looking for a work visa then currently everyone is affected by retrogression plenty of info also in the forum on that
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    International Nurses have specific requirements that must be met to get licensed in the US, completely different from an American nurse.

    Please post your questions specific for foreign nurses under the International Forum. And use the links listed above for information that you need. You will need to use the sections for each of those boards for foreign nurses.

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