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Hello, I am interested in hearing from anyone who has done a new graduate internship at George Washington Hospital. Specifically, I am interested in the critical care internship. Are interns supported throught the process and... Read More

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    hi kimima 01!

    how did you apply for the internship at GW?

    congrats and goodluck on your interview!

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    I didn't apply for the internship. I took a chance and applied for 3 different positions. I was turned down for 1 and then a nurse recruiter emailed me to request an interview for another. I decided not to limit myself to applying for internships or fellowships. I figure the worst that could happen is to be told I am not qualified!
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    Quote from boilernurse23
    Hey everyone. I currently am an RN @ GW Hospital. I went through the February 2009 internship for Labor and Delivery. I know it's a little different from the Critical Care internship you are asking about, but we had some classes together, so I'll tell you what the program is like. Basically the first week or so you are all together doing general hospital orientation. After that you spend the majority of the next couple weeks in the classroom. This is a "9-5 Mon-Fri" sort of schedule. During this time, you take classes and have guest speakers about different areas in the hospital, as well as focused info about your specific area. Examples are learning about pain control from the pain specialists, grief counseling, and pharmacy. After that, you begin spending time on the unit you will be working on as well as having some time in the classroom. You must pass written exams on the info you have learned, as well as clinical skill tests (IV insertion, using IV/PCA/other pumps, etc.) The farther you get into the program, the less classroom time you have and the more time you spend on the unit. You are generally paired with a preceptor (or more than one preceptor) and you work their schedule. My unit was different because it's much smaller than ICU, so we worked with several different preceptors. As you progress, you become more independent of your preceptor, and eventually begin working on your own. In my experience, the nurses who are preceptors are VERY helpful. They are specifically chosen to do that position, so they really WANT to help new nurses learn. If you find that ICU/ED are too intense for you right out of school, you don't just get kicked out of the program. They might try and put you on a less intense unit, such as Med/Surg, or another step-down type unit. They really want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to keep you (this is for ANY unit in the hospital). Overall, it's a wonderful program, and although I was nervous to be on my own after the internship, I felt "ready enough". You're never going to feel 100% confident, but they provide you with the skills to be independent. And there is always a ton of support after you complete the program, so you are never entirely "alone". The program ran from February to May. I would recommend looking into this program- the hospital really is wonderful and has a lot to offer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to write me!!
    Hey boilernurse23, I just read your post and wanted to know more about the Labor and Delivery internship at GW. I am a senior (graduating in May) and I am looking everywhere I can think of for RN residency or new grad programs in L&D. I have recently been looking into GW, do you have any advice for me? I don't see the internship listed on the website so I am going to call the nursing office after the holidays and hopefully get to talk to a recruiter. I am so glad you posted this because I am having trouble finding hospitals that will hire new grads into L&D or OB! Congrats on this opportunity. I hope it is still going well for you and you are adjusting to being on your own (if you are on your own already) Again, any advice would be appreciated. I cant PM because I haven't had enough posts yet but please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks in advance!

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