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Informatics; Labor & Delivery; Med-Surg
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trimeduRN has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Informatics; Labor & Delivery; Med-Surg.

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  1. trimeduRN

    Wilkes University / BSN-MSN PMHNP / Fall 2021

    Congratulations! I’m starting the Summer 2021 session. Congratulations!
  2. trimeduRN

    Psy np program in Wilkes university

    I was also accepted to Spring Arbor. But they don’t assist with placement. Only give you option on what you need to do to if you are running into trouble. The admission advisor said that it is ultimately on me to find preceptors. I’ve read a lot of horror stories. Wilkes told me that the placed 96% of students last semester. So at least it seems they’re trying. I’m afraid of getting through school and having to sit out became I can’t find a preceptor. Also wilkes clinicals are 6 months, at the end. Spring Arbor is a year or so. Which pushed me to choose Wilkes. I don’t like taking 2 classes at a time. But the preceptor thing sold me.
  3. trimeduRN

    Wilkes University / BSN-MSN PMHNP / Fall 2021

    I found the FB group. Thanks
  4. trimeduRN

    Psy np program in Wilkes university

    I believe they have both. But I’m in the BSN-PMHNP program.
  5. trimeduRN

    Psy np program in Wilkes university

    I was accepted starting in May 2021. They only started helping with preceptors Fall 2020.
  6. trimeduRN

    Does anyone work for WellMed, owned by UHC

    Did you have to do training in San Antonio? I accepted a position, but I'm a tad bit nervous.
  7. trimeduRN

    Does anyone work for WellMed, owned by UHC

    How did your interview go? Did you get the position?
  8. trimeduRN

    Utilization Review

    Did you end up sticking it out at your employer? Which company was it. I just accepted a position with WellMed/UHG? Now I am kind of nervous.
  9. Hello everyone. I just accepted a position with UHG here in Texas and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience working with them? I am excited and nervous at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shawn
  10. trimeduRN

    Telephonic Case Management Question

    How did the interview go? Did you take the position? How do you like it?
  11. trimeduRN

    Dallas/Ft. Worth Winter 2017 Nurse Residencies

    Has anyone tried HCA hospitals in the area? They have internships as well.
  12. trimeduRN

    Starting pay for new grads in Charleston?

    Im not sure about MUSC. But I know the starting pay for new grads at Trident/Summerville Hospitals a couple years ago was 22.75 and at Roper/St Francis was 23.06. Hope that helps. Shawn
  13. trimeduRN

    New Grad RN considering moving to SC, advice?

    The job market is pretty rough for new grads here in Charleston. The have a technical college that graduate at least 80 twice a year and 2 BSN colleges that graduates once i think. When I graduated back in 2008, I had to go out of state to get a position. One of the interviews I went on. The manager stated that they get at least 60 applications for each position they have posted. My advice is not to move until you know for sure you have a job lined up. Some of my classmates back then said it took them close to 6 months to find a position. I work with a young lady now that graduated in December and she had to take a prn position until something full time become available and I believe that is because she was a PA prior. Otherwise it is extremely hard to find a position. Hope this helps, Shawn
  14. I currently work at an HCA facility, so I am trying to retain my time, benefits, ect. I know there are always downfalls when relocating and starting at a new facility. I work in L&D and these positions are usually hard to find where I live, which is why I was shocked to see there were so many positions posted. I really just want to get a job offer to find a place to stay. I can always search for something else if I don't like it there. But I thought it would be a good start to transfer within the company to get myself established and if I dont like the hospital or anything about the position, I could start looking then. I usually expect the best, but prepare myself for the worst. That way I am ready for whatever is thrown at me. Thanks a lot for your response, Shawn
  15. i am relocating from charleston, south carolina to dallas, texas area and have two phone interviews set up this week. i have been an rn for about 2.5yrs and a lpn for a year prior to that. i have soo many questions. i do not know what to expect on these phone interviews. also dont know what to expect in regards to what is a reasonable wage amount. i dont want to sell myself short because i just want a position before i move. also, what are good areas to live in where there is also a good school system. my bil said the north irving has good schools, but they are also pricey. so i figured i would reach out on here to see if i can get some questions answered. thanks
  16. trimeduRN

    NY RN may move to TX

    Hello rastanursern, How did your interview go? I am also looking in to relocating to that Dallas, texas area. I have two phone interviews lined up but I am not sure what to think. I live 1100 miles aways and am afraid they may want me to make that trip for a second interview if selected. Just wanted to see what the follow-up is for the interview. Thanks, Shawn:confused: