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  1. kimima01

    is hospice case mgmt good learning?

    Ahh... I did not know this. Rearview, did you ask what the Hospice CM position you are applying for entails?
  2. kimima01

    is hospice case mgmt good learning?

    Rearview, I would believe so, as a hospice case manager IS a case manager. I, like you, am an ER nurse. I have a second interview for a case management position. I have zero CM experience, by the way. I was actually interviewing for a totally different position when the hiring manager asked if I would be interested in a CM position instead. She said she is more than willing to train the right person with no experience, rather than hire someone with experience who is not a good fit. Have you looked for CM positions in your current facility? It is a good place to start. Keep looking. There is a CM position out there with your name on it! Best of luck to you.
  3. kimima01

    Good grades = job?

    A student that was at the top of our graduating class took 9 months to find work after passing the nclex.
  4. kimima01

    interview today...only went ok

    Good luck to you! I also interviewed as an internal applicant for L&D. I can't say that I was completely prepared for it but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I currently work in med-surg and I can no longer stomach it. It took me less than 2 years to burn out. Again, best of luck!
  5. kimima01

    new grad, OR

    Hey Linguine! I have been an RN for about a year now and I will start an OR training program in January. I am super excited! I initially applied for the position in May of this year but did not get the job. I did take a position in the rehabilitation unit at the same hospital. In October, I applied again and was accepted. I am positive that being an internal applicant helped tremendously. There is 3 months or so of the AORN Periop 101 course and then 6 months on the floor with a preceptor. It can be done and don't give up. My advice is to find the hospital you really want to work for and apply. Be willing to take a position on another unit if need be, at least you will have your foot in the door. Good luck to you!
  6. kimima01

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I passed with 75 questions. When I made it to question number 74, I was sweating bullets. I had to take a break to pull myself together.
  7. kimima01

    First day coming up.

    It depends on you preceptor. Mine had me dive right in first day on the floor. I was terrified! I had about 4 weeks of class room orientation before I got out on the floor. Congratulations and good luck to you! I am sure you will do fine.
  8. kimima01

    if your gonna make em up, at least let em be WNL

    I always do my own vitals. Just the other day, I looked at a flowsheet in one of my pt's charts and the unit manager had recorded numbers that did not even come close to mine. Not only that, I never saw her go into any of those pts rooms with a stethoscope, let alone a thermometer and BP cuff.
  9. kimima01

    i hope i know when to hang up my stethoscope,

    I am a brand new RN in an LTC/subacute rehab facility. I am eternally grateful for those nurses with the 20+ years of experience! They are an incredible resource and bring a sense of calm to otherwise stressful situations. I know that they have seen everything under the sun and are not easily rattled. Perhaps you should take the time to ask why they are still working. Maybe then you will have a bit more compassion.
  10. kimima01

    Verbally abusive patient

    I don't waste my breath. I don't engage just so I don't get worked up. You have the doctor's orders so that works in your favor.
  11. kimima01

    Anyone that's worked both LTC and hospital settings

    I graduated in May 2009, started as an RN in a hospital on a telemetry floor for almost 3 months. I quit the hospital to move closer to my fiance because we did not want to have a long distance relationship. I started working in LTC 2 months ago so I think I can compare the two. The work load is definitely heavier in LTC. Recently, the acuity of residents in the subacute/rehab area where I work has increased. At present time, 4 out of 20 residents are post-op open heart surgery. Sats drop, HR increase of decrease so you have to keep a pretty close watch as they can go bad at the drop of a dime. 7 of the 20 require accuchecks with insulin injections at least 2x's on my shift. Blood sugars drop to critical levels or shoot through the roof so you have to keep an eye on those folks as well. IMO, I was able to provide better care to my 5 pts on telemetry when I worked in the hospital. I was able to be more attentive when I needed to be. I liked that I could ask my charge nurse for assistance and guidance if needed. Where I work now, there are no clinical pathways for the residents so I rely heavily on what I've learned in the hospital.
  12. kimima01

    It's A Struggle

    I am a new grad with 4 months experience. I believe that with time, things do get better. I am less concerned with "fitting in" than doing my job because that will come in time. I was a tech also and know how hard I worked in that role. As a nurse, I help my techs as much as possible if I can. For example, I am learning how to cluster care for my patients. If someone who requires complete care and I need to give meds, start an IV, do a skin assessment or whatever, I tell my tech that I will give them a hand with bathing and dressing while I am getting some of my work done at the same time. I always show my gratitude with a "thanks for getting that done" or a compliment. As a result, things get done without me having to ask more times than not. There will always be gossip among techs. Some have been in their jobs for years and years and have seen nurses come and go. Don't let it get to you. Now the IV thing, I always, always tell my patients that they will feel a big pinch so they know what to expect! Yesterday I started an IV and told my patient that she would feel a pinch and she allowed me to stick her 3 times! This is also a skill that gets better with time. Hang in there!
  13. kimima01

    Sign announcing you're an RN on your car?

    Wouldn't do that either.
  14. kimima01

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    You have your good days and your bad days in nursing. Like today for me was the never ending day from h**l:eek:. However, it is nothing that a hot shower and goodnight sleep will not fix. I am going back for more tomorrow because I love being a nurse:nurse:!
  15. kimima01

    what do nurses hate about doctors?

    Their inability to write legibly:angryfire.
  16. kimima01

    Is it ok to work in different specialties of nursing?