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Nursing abroad, nurses without borders???

  1. 0 Hey guys. My sister and I, and some RN friends were interested in doing a nurses without borders kind of thing in the future. Has anyone done this? Was thinking of volunteering for a week in central america or somewhere near there. Does anyone have any reliable/good websites of organizations for volunteer nursing abroad? I'm researching but it's tough.

    Any help?!?! thanks
    -Michelle, ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
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    Moved to the volunteer nursing forum
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    oh ok. i hope some people respond!
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    Hi there,
    I just did a volunteer project in Guatemala with
    The coordinator *********** goes every summer. I stayed over 3 weeks and it was a great experience. your really roughing it with this one, staying with local families and hiking into communities with no road access anywhere between 2-7 hr trails depending on your capabilities. They are always looking for volunteers to help take down the medications and hold clinic days to do assessments and treat or make recommendations.
    You can contact *********** You decide how long you want to go, typicallly no shorter than 2 weeks, and this is completely volunteer, so you pay for your flight, room and board while there, along with bringing minimal supplies so you can take medications for the project. I think *** is there through the end of August this year, so she might be delayed getting back to you but she responds quickly usually.

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    Facebook doctors without borders

    Above I've posted the links to the Doctors without Borders website and their Facebook.

    This organization recruits doctors, nurses, nurse anesthesiologists, and other medical staff to serve in other countries for 9-12 months. You must have at least 2 years experience in the field you're applying for, and any additional language skills are a plus. You do get paid a monthly salary, though it is much less than you'd make in the U.S./Canada.

    I am currently taking my prerequisites for Nursing. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child, to help other's in less fortunate countries. Unfortunately, since it requires 2 years of experience, I still have a while before I can apply to the program.

    Hope this helps!
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    Michelle, check with your local hospitals. Here in New England there
    are many medical missions that leave locally with different specialties
    represented in the same trip. It would be a way to give it a try, then
    you could expand to Doctors without Borders....
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    I'm interested finding a legit organization to do mission work with as well.

    I found this website:

    The problem is I don't know anyone who has worked with any of these organizations. If anyone has any insight on finding a good organization to work with please do share, thanks.
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    my nurse friend has gone on a few trips with the organization Project Helping Hands (Home | Project Helping Hands). her hospital organizes a bunch of the staff to go there together for brief volunteer stints. she loves her time there. its worth checking out.
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    Hi, I just returned from a month in Uganda working (volunteer) for CURE international's pediatric-neuro hospital. Amazing experience - life changing in fact. As an FNP I was feeling pretty burned out. Being there restored my faith and my calling to the nursing profession. CURE has hospitals all over the world. Just google CURE international and you will find them. Good luck!
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    I also recommend Project Helping Hands and also the organization MEDICO. I'll have to check out CURE international -thank you lannisz for the heads up!
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    As always be careful to find a reputible place. I learned the hard way by contacting an organization through and when I went to the location I found out they are crooks using an orphanage as a way to get money. Happens way more than we realize.
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    My sister did an assignment with Doctors without boraders, she had a fantastic time!
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    cool! where did your sister go, if i may ask?