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27 year old identical twin.

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  1. That is IT; have had it with nursing...I'm going insane!

    She wasn't venting. Venting is saying, wow my day sucked today bc this happened....She was putting down nursing as a profession...saying it's not respected and the worst job anyone could have and actually going out of her way saying that her mission ...
  2. That is IT; have had it with nursing...I'm going insane!

    Omigosh you guys are sooooo incredibly WHINY!!!! I love my job and can't bear to listen to you peeps whine and complain anymore!!! Please just quit your jobs you claim to HATE and let a new grad get the job. Do yourself a favor, your patients, your c...
  3. That is IT; have had it with nursing...I'm going insane!

  4. Average age of SRNA?

    Nice. I wish I got into the ICU right after I graduated. I spent almost 3 years on a medical/tele floor.
  5. Average age of SRNA?

    Oh haha sorry I didn't look at the usernames. I was going to say!!! That makes no sense lol.
  6. Anti-CRNA website= such B.S.!!!!

    Awesome :)
  7. Anti-CRNA website= such B.S.!!!!

    There are NO online CRNA programs. The ones in new england/mid atlantic areas are 28-36 months....Some SRNAs do over 500-1,000 O.R. cases and a TON of clinicals hourse dealing with real patients and real anesthetics. So much training, and they make...
  8. Anti-CRNA website= such B.S.!!!!

    Hahaha. It just sucks that people will read that and BELIEVE it. They also make it seem like, the 4 years someone is in Medical school...that they are studying and practicing anesthesia for those 4 years. Such crap. They also have the nerve, and ...
  9. I think he/she was probably referring more pee, meaning no more cleaning up pts inc of urine and stool :)
  10. Anti-CRNA website= such B.S.!!!!

    Has anyone seen the grossly misinformed website called "Doctor by your side" ???? Website is a complete joke. I was just looking at it and the misrepresentation of MDA's vs. CRNA's is pretty disgusting. It's sad that this is an actual website for th...
  11. Average age of SRNA?

    So you got 4 year in pre-med, and then did an accelerated BSN??? how could you get a BSN and be in CRNA school at 24? did you finish your BS in pre-med in a year? i'm so confused. Did you go to college when you were 16?
  12. O.R. cases for CRNA's vs. Anesthesiologists

    wow that is awesome news. Thanks for everyone who responded :)
  13. Average age of SRNA?

    cool. woah 24, did you get into the ICU right after college?
  14. O.R. cases for CRNA's vs. Anesthesiologists

    Hey guys. I was hoping I could get some CRNA's opinions on this matter. Do you find that the CRNA's tend to do the "easier cases"....i.e. ENT and ortho, and then the MDA will do the more difficult cases, i.e. cardiac or complicated GI?? Is this tr...
  15. Average age of SRNA?

    Hey guys, Just wondering what you all perceive to the average age of SRNA at your schools. I'm 27 and started in the ICU 3 months ago, so prob won't be in school for CRNA until i'm 30? If i get in :)