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Anyone going to Haiti?

  1. 4 How will you get there and who are you going with? Are there groups taking RN's and other clinicians down there? Anyone know of anything? I know the military is going, a friend of mine with a small plane is going.... anyone else. I wonder.
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    Ready to go if I can figure out who wants us. I am signed up with Florida's state disaster call, but don't know how to get the right people my resume.

    3+ years in a level one trauma center unit, 5 years of hardcore urban home health and experience in third world messes from my time in the military.
    PM me if you are looking for a healthy male RN to go.
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    I would love to go and help - but no clue how to do it. I'm in WI and ready to go..Nurses must be needed :-)
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    I am in California and belong to the California Nurses Association. They sent out an email with this information and are recruiting for the RN Response Network nationally:

    Of course there is always Doctors Without Borders (not just for doctors)

    I wish I could go but circumstances won't allow it. Good luck finding a way to help--- and thank you for helping!
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    you folks are awesome!
    i so wish i could go.

    haiti needs our donations as well.
    please, everyone, spare what you can...
    it just can't get any worse for these poor souls.

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    The best that I can do is a financial donation to Doctors Without Borders. The nurses who go to Haiti to help are awesome individuals. My prayers go out to the people of Haiti and the people of the world who do even the smallest thing to help.
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    Here is a mission you could go with
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    Here is a website that will really help. I got this from White House web page:
    I would love to go and help.. but I can't... I am still reviewing for NCLEX-RN. I am an EMT. What I can contribute is prayers. I will pray for the victims and for the people who are going to help. God Bless
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    God bless all of you guys for wanting to help! My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families!

    I was reading CNN and I came across this article:

    Although it does state at the beginning that organizations are asking for monetary donations rather than volunteers at this time, this isn't entirely true. If you visit the websites of some of the organizations listed, you will find information on volunteering as a nurse.

    If I find anything else, I will be sure to post.

    Good luck and be safe to anyone that does go!
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    I wish I could go but I'm a new nurse with zero experience,empty pocket and in the waiting process to start a new job--but kuddos to all that are willing to go and help.
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    On the local news here in Dallas TX it said they were looking for 300 nurses/paramedics to volunteer
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    The article reports trying to recruit 200 nurses.

    Here is the website the article refrences. They are leading the effort to recruit.