Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013? - page 6

Just looking to find some fellow pre-nursing students who are applying to TCC or even Paul D Camp for the fall 2013 semester. Lets chat!... Read More

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    I need chemistry for the nursing program I want, it will just have to wait till I am done with A&P I and II.
    Shucks, I need microbiology too...
    I signed up for the Portsmouth campus lab and lecture online.

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    If your taking chem you dont need micro unless the program your interested in requires both ...but if your applying for TCC they take micro as a sub for chem. which programs are you applying for ?
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    Well Ladies it's April 20th--------we're getting closer. My friends and coworkers keep asking have I heard yet. I have to tell them no--not yet. I pray we all get in and please place a post to lets us know. Good luck to all!!! Hang tight just a few more weeks.

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    I plan to apply to the Sentara BSN program, I need a whole mess of classes! I will probably apply to TCC once I have met the requirements for them too, I just won't hold my breath.
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    Graduate2010...yes the count down is on !! Ill let you know when i hear something :-)
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    Hello all, I know this is the TCC thread but like you said above.... it's April 22nd now and I'm waiting to hear back from TNCC. They said mid to late April and the waiting is killing me!!! Good Luck to you all!
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    BandZero..Thanks and good luck to you too !!!
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    I took BIO141 over the summer and had [moderator edit of name]. She is awesome! I got an A in the class and took her again for BIO142. I got an A is BIO142 also. She is energetic and helps everyone to get the best grade possible. I would recommend her to everyone!
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    Yes, I took the lecture online for both BIO141 and BIO142. For 141 is had [moderator edit of name] for lecture and [moderator edit of name] for lab. [moderator edit of name] was pretty good. She makes you do in depth discussions that really help your understanding of the subject matter. All exams were online. For 142 I had [moderator edit of name] for lecture and [moderator edit of name] for lab again! I really liked [moderator edit of name] and now she is teaching the lecture portion of 142. (She wasn't teaching lecture when I had her for 142 or I would have taken her.) [moderator edit of name] is very difficult. It is an online class but there really isn't much interaction. Lots of discussions but they really aren't monitored so if your classmates don't participate, you really don't learn much. She does help out anytime you can drop by her office. I was there all the time. She makes you go to the Roper Center to take all exams. Her exams are super tough. On every exam we had two essays WITH diagrams. Meaning - we had to draw a diagram of what she was asking and then explain it specifically in detail in the essay. The Kreb's cycle and glycolysis and electron transport were particularly hard because she wanted us to explain everything! If you are like me and don't get anything out of just listening to a lecture, I would take it online. Good luck!
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    Per the website Terms of Service (TOS), it is prohibited to include staff/faculty names in the forum discussions. I've edited the posts that contained faculty names. Thanks for your cooperation!

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