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  1. spoland

    Tidewater Community College 2013-2014 Nursing

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into cohort 3, but have already accepted a spot in Thomas Nelsons program. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  2. spoland

    Chronic Pain and Nursing School

    I am starting nursing school in January but have been worried about how my health issues will affect me when I begin. I have endometriosis. Ordinarily, I can go days or weeks without pain, but then I'll have bouts of pain (debilitating, awful pain) for hours or even just randomly through out the day for multiple days. I had surgery to remove what could be removed back in April, and was feeling great! But the pain has already started to return, and the endo has likely started growing back. I have a monthly prescription for vicodin (but I don't take it all THAT often) and a prescription for dilaudid, for when the pain is intolerable and the vicodin doesn't help. I also take birth control to eliminate periods and I take norethindrone. I am finally getting to a point where I'm getting less and less pains and am able to manage them with pain medication if I do have any - I'm just worried that the terrible pains will strike during clinicals or an exam! Sorry I didn't have much to contribute in the ways to manage or cope during school, but I would make sure you have a great doctor (or NP or PA) that understands what's going on and works with you. I am so, sooo fortunate to have found the obgyn I have been seeing. He's been far more helpful than any other doctor, nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant I've ever seen.
  3. spoland

    Vccs pre reqs

    Which school is this for? And which course titles? Really, it depends. I've taken online courses where the lecture is online, but the labs are in person every so often. I've also taken ALL online courses, where you either do online lab exercises, or you purchase a lab kit through a designated company and you do labs in your home (including dissections - cool stuff!). Microbiology was completely online for me. It was BIO 150...I think? Plenty of reading, but I earned an A or B...can't remember which. I also took BIO 141 online, with the at home lab kit. Lots of work, but again, as long as you keep up with it, you can do it. I earned an A in that, however, I had taken NAS 161/162 previously, so I already had a good background in it - but now schools don't really want to accept NAS courses! In both courses, all quizzes and exams were online, so you can imagine how easy it was to pass those... lol. So as with any online course, you definitely need to have discipline and be able to teach yourself, because if you're going for nursing, you will definitely use what you learn!
  4. Anyone else attending this Friday? Or is anyone else attending another nursing school's orientation? I know my life will be changed complete come January, but I've been waiting for this for YEARS and cannot wait to get started!
  5. Oops didn't answer your question - no, I'm not all that familiar with things down here...but I do know you won't make nearly as much at a hospital down here. I've stalked some forums and was kind of blown away by that...but Northern VA is a higher cost of living so I guess it makes sense.
  6. Summer 03, I'm from Northern Va and went to NVCC for nursing pre-reqs, but I could never meet their TEAS requirement and used up my 3 attempts. I moved south to be with my hs sweetheart and was just accepted to Thomas nelson cc. We live in Petersburg right now but will be moving to Williamsburg or newport news in a month or so!
  7. NOVA EMT- Not adding anything important here, but just wanted to say...if you can take pharmacology with [moderator edit of name], DO IT. Love him!! Such a fun teacher, and very intelligent. Plus he almost always lets out at least an hour early (but our class was 3 hours, so I don't know if they're the same way currently).
  8. Ah okay. I can't wait for orientation!
  9. I was talking with one of the ladies about which address she had sent it to because I hadn't received it and am going out of town and she went ahead and emailed it to me to "ease my anxieties." Do you know anyone else that got in? I'm from Northern VA and literally don't know anyone down here aside from my bf and his friends...so I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new friends!
  10. spoland

    tncc fall 2013 ACCEPTANCES!!!

    Hello! So...I got into the TNCC program for this upcoming spring semester...I just wanted to ask, what do the scrubs look like?? What colors are they? I can't wait to get started! How do you like the program? Any advice?
  11. Thank you!! I hope the wait goes by quickly for you!! I got lucky and only had to wait 13 days from when I took my TEAS...lol.
  12. I am going to go with Thomas Nelson, because my lease here in Petersburg ends November 22nd, and I don't have time to wait until Tidewater sends me a decision, haha. I wasn't expecting to hear from TNCC so soon, but since I have - my bf and I are using this extra two weeks to look for jobs and a place to live in Williamsburg! Waiting to hear from TCC would only give us like mayyyybe 2 weeks to job hunt and house hunt! Craziness. Plus, my family is in Northern VA, so going home would be much easier from Williamsburg than from Portsmouth! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, though!! Let us know if you get in!
  13. 4babyws - What all came in your "packet?" I haven't received my physical copy yet, I was just sent a copy of my letter via email. Were there other papers in the envelope? If so, what all were they? You'd think with me having a hampton address, and them sending letters out from the hampton campus, I'd have the letter by now!! Ugh!
  14. spoland

    Spring 2014 Nursing Hopefuls

    Thomas Nelson Community College's RN program! Just found out today that I got in! Can't wait for this long journey towards becoming a NP!