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  1. Congrats to all who were accepted. If you were not, just keep on trying. If nursing is your dream, keep pushing forward. You will make it. Good luck future nursing students. I just graduated from their program and would choose TCC all over again if I had to. You all made a great choice.
  2. virgolove34

    WHo is using Lippincott's NCLEX-RN PassPoint?

    My school has given our class access to pass point in an effort to help us be more prepared for the NCLEX. I am finding it very helpful. We only have access to the questions but I love the way pass point is designed. The questions are great and the rationales are helping me learn even more.
  3. virgolove34

    Tidewater Community College 2013 hopefuls

    I think I got an 84% on mine
  4. virgolove34

    Tidewater Community College 2013 hopefuls

    Hey girl @nurseinthemakin how's it been goin? When are you applying? Things are good. We graduate in May. It really did go by quick.
  5. virgolove34

    Nursing Diagnosis for Pt. w/ CVA & UTI

    If it were my patient, I would focus on the recent stroke and elevated troponin levels. Elevated troponin levels are often correlated with myocardial damage. Was her CK-MB elevated as well? When you have myocardial damage, the heart doesn't contract efficiently and tissue perfusion decreases. When organs aren't getting perfused well, they start losing their function. So if the brain isn't getting perfusion, you're at great risk for stroke. I think focusing on the perfusion is more higher priority than the UTI. My fundamentals teacher always said, ask yourself "what can kill you first?"
  6. virgolove34

    Sentara Medicine Unit/ Hampton, VA

    I work at SCH as an NCP and the medicine unit is just medical surgical if you're on the 4th floor. The nurse-patient ratio has gotten to 1:8 if they're short staffed but I think it's supposed to be 1:6. It's probably good experience since back in the day, they used to require 1 year of med surg anyway.
  7. virgolove34

    Any Sentara Care Partners here?

    I think I just attached a cover letter and resume.
  8. Congrats Regina.. I was in cohort 1 when i applied nd I love my cohort. I'm so happy for you all but seriously try not to be too anxious about nursing school throughout the summer. Enjoy the summer and spend time with your family and do the things you enjoy doing because reading will consume a good part of your lives come August, especially in the beginning.
  9. Yes Regina. I'm a current student, just finished up my first year. I'm satisfied with TCC's program. We always get compliments about how good TCC nurse graduates are on the floor. So far, I haven't had MAJOR issues with the teachers but they are changing a lot of things in the program and just started as we entered so we were the guinea pigs of everything. You'll enjoy the program though.
  10. Hey girl.. Everything is going good. We just finished our first year which is pretty exciting. We're about to start psyche. I hope y'all don't mind me stalking the thread.. Anxious to see y'all get in.
  11. When I applied last year, my acceptance letter came exactly two months after the deadline so y'all don't have much longer to go. Wishing you all good luck. I hope y'all get in.
  12. virgolove34

    Any Sentara Care Partners here?

    I got hired as a resource pool care partner. I'm pretty excited.
  13. virgolove34

    Job interview Monday 4-29-13

    Thank you ladies. I'm really grateful to have got this job. I'm gonna love getting the exposure to the different units. I'm excited to be able to get my foot in the door. Good luck to you all. Mommaty how did it go?