foreign rn renewal form

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    hi guys ...anyone here with an extra foreign rn renewal form ? i cant access the website and i really need one . im from the philippines , does anyone know how long it takes to have my license renewed ? thanks and hope to get a reply soon:spin:

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    Hi! we have the same problem. I also need the renewal form badly.
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    hi! am also a Filipino nurse and i need the renewal form since my license will expire on March 31, 2007.

    just want to clarify issues; i've heard from a friend that expired state
    board exams need to be taken again?! except in vermont....

    guys, if you have any idea.... pls.....
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    HI! you may now print the renewal application form at
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    thanks for the info. i have just downloaded a renewal form.

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    Guys, As What I Have Gathered From Reading Other Threads,

    She/he Cannot Renew A License Unless He/she Has Ssn. The Only

    Way To Obtain Ssn Is, He/she Has To Be In The U.s. Pls Check Suzanne4

    Last edit by mayflower2000 on Feb 24, '07
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    Hello!!! I also have to renew my license in Vermont this March 31.. I have sent them the renewal form but i dont have any SSN number yet... Have you renewed your license? Please contact me... here is my email add... Any filipino nurse with Vermont license..Please contact me too.. Thank you
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    hi chamira! i have also sent my renewal form through my friend last week. havent heard from her yet if she had forwarded it to VT BON. i dont have my SSN also. ill keep you informed for any progress of my renewal.

    let's just pray for the best!
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    hello bspamisa... is there anyway i can contact you so that you can inform me about your renewal..

    e-mail addresses are not permitted for your safety.
    Last edit by suzanne4 on Apr 12, '07
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    :spin: guys, remember my post above that i've read suzanne post
    that vermont wont renew RN license unless one has SS number.
    don't worry about it, vermont will renew it. i am on the same boat
    as you are, i have received their reply and my license will expire 2009.
    so, you should all be at peace knowing they will and would happily wait for
    their confirmation letter.

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