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  1. mayflower2000

    help pls.

    hi guys. pls help me out. I was asked to do a presentation "as a key worker for myeloma, how would you ensure that the treatment decisions are based on holistic assessment"? I have started it but i feel like i am getting nowhere:(. pls pls.
  2. mayflower2000

    help me pls.

    Hi. I am applying for a haematology nurse specialist job.
  3. mayflower2000

    help me pls.

    thank you very much for your ideas.
  4. mayflower2000

    help me pls.

    Can anyone help me on how to make a presentation on this topic " as key worker, how would you ensure that the treatment decisions are based on holistic assessment?" I dont know where to start. Pls pls help me. Thanks.
  5. mayflower2000

    UK vs. Philippines

    There is job freeze here all the time. Working visa is not an option. If there is job vacancy, it will be given first to citizens here. If they cant get anyone here then they will hire from the european countries, if still they cant get one to do the job then they will recruit outside Europe. With the ongoing recession here, they wont be hiring outside UK. It has to be someone who has a special skill and badly needed to fill in the job post or a job that no one would really want to do it. At this time, Uk is not your option. Your agency is only after your money. Pls dont push it through.
  6. mayflower2000

    UK vs. Philippines

    To all of those who are from the Philippines and are planning to get student visa, pls dont push it through. I dont normally post here in allnurses.com. I only read anything here. Before, i read a post asking about student visa, he/she was from the Philippines. Dint even bother to post my view or what i have learnt. Till i saw the extent of what happened to those nurses who came over here. I am posting now to make you aware.
  7. mayflower2000

    UK vs. Philippines

    Pls dont attempt to overstay here. Once yous visa has expired, you will have to go back. They will deport you if they knew you have overstayed.
  8. mayflower2000

    UK vs. Philippines

    If one is really intending to learn to acquire knowledge and will apply them once he/she will go back to her/his country then its okay to get a student visa holder. If one has another intention of coming over here then i would discourage. To be truthful i have met filipino nurses and were lured by these agencies that they could process their student visas and can find an employer for them. They were asked £2500- 3000 for their placement fees. When they arrived here there were no jobs. They went once a week to university for their NVQ's. Say they arrived in Leeds and the university that they were supposed to attend is in Birmingham. They were in a difficult situation and yet they cant go back to the Philippines because they owed thousands of pounds just to obtain student visas. Their regrets, no one has told them the reality. Why i am telling you filipino nurses not to come over here because i too am a Filipino/british. I am just concern of what will be your plight when you would be here. As what silver dragon said, it is a backward step for you guys who are nurses in the Philippines and cant even use it to apply for NMC ( which regulates nursing registration here). I will repeat pls dont listen to these agencies. They are just after your money.
  9. mayflower2000

    UK vs. Philippines

    Hi. I would advise you all, please dont come over here as a student visa holder and studying NVQ. Everything here is expensive. As student visa holder you are only allowed to work 18 hours /week. This might have changed now, i have heard recently it is only 10 hours/week. Pls think of the money that you will be paying for these agencies, they only want your money. As what silver dragon said, it is a backward step. I would consider it as a quick fix from your part of trying to move away from the philippines by going abroad. Im not saying that going abroad is not okay but please do it as work permit holder not student visa holder. After your visa has expired what will you do, go back to the philippines. You are back to square one. Dont even think about that in the future you will become a work permit holder.There is job freeze here all the time. Plus, a new government has just been formed and they are very strict now when it comes to visas, immgration business. Why dont you try to gain nursing experience and if you have, then you could apply in saudi and singapore. Who knows, by the time that you will be more experienced, maybe the western countries will open their doors again. Pls, pls, dont come here as student visa holder. :crying2:
  10. mayflower2000


    Silverdragon 102 and sharrie, thanks for your ideas. I have applied for HDU post and MICU/SICU too.I will be having an interview for HDU next week. I havent yet heard for MICU/SICU. The closing date was just 3 days ago. There are another job vacancies for Neuro icu, Neonatal and MICU/SICU in another hospital, still part of the NHS trust where i am currently working.I am going to apply all these posts too. I will keep posted. Thank you both for sharing your ideas.
  11. mayflower2000


    I have been in nursing for 15 years. This time, I would like to fulfill my dream to become a HDU/ICU nurse. There is a job vacancy for this post and i want to apply but at the same time i am hesitant.I am not anymore in my 20's. I am 38 years old. I am just worried i wont be able to cope or the fear of the unknown. On top of this, i've got also a child care problem but i think i can sort this out. My question is, Am i still marketable? Do you think the employer would still consider to hire me irregardless of my age. I would appreciate very much if you can share your ideas. Thank you.
  12. mayflower2000

    I am just frustrated.

    :zzzzzMy three year old boy has swine flu. He got it from his cousins, i usually asked my sister in law to look after him if i am working on night shifts. My sister's in law ( family), they are all ill with swine flu. I am due to work tomorrow for 4 nights. I phoned my ward manager to let her know that i couldnt come to work because of my child who is ill and if possible to have carer's leave but she wont approved it due to the fact that its not tonight, its tomorrow instead she will give me an annual leave. i also couldnt find someone to look after him so that i could work. Who would look after a child with swine flu. Everyone is scared to catch it. Should it be a carer's leave or an annual leave, i just want your opinion before i will ring her again. Thanks.
  13. mayflower2000

    Remember the Days Before My Death

    your story touched me so much. it made me cry. thanks for sharing.
  14. mayflower2000

    How to become a nurse in Singapore?

    I was working also in Singapore as RN for two years. After finishing my contract, I came here in UK to work. I was under an agency approved by POEA. During my time, Singapore only required two years hospital experience and need to pass their nursing board exam. Why don't you go to POEA office and ask lists of agencies which are hiring nurses for Singapore. Hope this would help.
  15. mayflower2000

    Need Help

    Most likely you will have to go back home as there is no shortage of carers here. As silverdragon 102 mentioned, they will have to employ first the uk citizens, then other european countries before they will think of hiring someone from philippines. All the agency wants you is your placement, your money. You will be just wasting your money. Stay away from that agency.
  16. mayflower2000

    PRC strikes two times!

    [quote=yoo jin;2408056 The official therefore concluded this second problem in a statement "Everybody makes mistakes" I know everybody makes mistakes, but I think it is a no-no for them to make another mistake. They are a REGULATING COMMISSION for crying out loud! They cant afford another scam to dishonor their credibilty. i do agree with you. they should have at least check a hundred times of the names who passed before releasing the results. they are being paid for, so they should do their job properly. yes, they are humans but they can't afford to make mistakes. they cant just say, i will take back what i have said. they are PRC, they should not make any room for mistake like this to happen.