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I have been in nursing for 15 years. This time, I would like to fulfill my dream to become a HDU/ICU nurse. There is a job vacancy for this post and i want to apply but at the same time i am hesitant.I am not anymore in my 20's. I am 38 years old. I am just worried i wont be able to cope or the fear of the unknown. On top of this, i've got also a child care problem but i think i can sort this out. My question is, Am i still marketable? Do you think the employer would still consider to hire me irregardless of my age. I would appreciate very much if you can share your ideas. Thank you.:cry:

Silverdragon102, BSN

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To be honest I doubt age will come into it and you have a numerous years experience to offer. If it is a dream then go for it if nothing more than interview experience and a chance to fulfil a dream. What have you to loose?

Hope you go for it


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Mayflower I think that any ICU / HDU manager would jump at the chance to have a mature, experienced nurse join their team. It will be very different and very challenging but exciting. The critical care units I have worked in have all had excellent induction, orientation and development programs for their staff, with supernumerary periods being flexible to meet the needs of the nurse.

Go for a look around the unit and speak to the nurses working there, meet the manager and ask lots of questions.

If it is something you have always wanted to do then go for it, 38 is very young still, you still have another 15 - 20 years left to work if you don't make the break and take on the challenge you may regret it for the rest of your career

Silverdragon 102 and sharrie, thanks for your ideas. I have applied for HDU post and MICU/SICU too.I will be having an interview for HDU next week. I havent yet heard for MICU/SICU. The closing date was just 3 days ago. There are another job vacancies for Neuro icu, Neonatal and MICU/SICU in another hospital, still part of the NHS trust where i am currently working.I am going to apply all these posts too. I will keep posted. Thank you both for sharing your ideas.


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There's a nurse on our unit who sounds like she's about your age and she just started not too long ago (from a med-surg background) and she's doing great! I say go for it!! :)

By-the-way, what's HDU?

Silverdragon102, BSN

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HDU = High Dependency Unit

AZ hopeful

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Mayflower I would love to know if you got a job in ICU/ HDU

I've been nursing since my 18th birthday and started in ICU 5 months ago at the grand old age of 41 and am absolutely loving it!!!!!

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I absolutely detested ICU. Shoved in there after many years of nursing I hated watching the monitors and the respirator settings and the haemodialysis machines. I missed dealing with patients who could talk to me, missed advising and comforting them and most of all missed anyone at all who survived.

This is just my personal experience. Many love ICU. If you want it go for it. And I wish you joy of it.

Hi everyone. I did go for an interview in HDU. After that, the trust decided to freeze all the jobs. I am still waiting for the result. I received an email, that they will update me but that was in november. It is march now.I still havent heard them. There is still ongoing job freeze in the trust. I am working in hematology/bmt since 2004. Everytime i visit our patients or give chemo who are in icu, it makes me think if i really want to work there. Would i be happy? The answer is no. I love the patients in BMT/Hematology. I love to talk to them. I cant leave my ward. We do have a bit of HDU thing. We set up Hi flow oxygen for our patients who need it and look after them. It is a blessing in disguise that there is ongoing job freeze. It gives me time to decide really of where i want to be.I am going to do a course related to hematology/bmt/oncology hopefully this year. Thank you all for replying.

I missed dealing with patients who could talk to me, missed advising and comforting them and most of all missed anyone at all who survived.


I know what you mean. That is what i feel everytime i go to see our patients in ICU. I definetely cant be an adult icu/hdu nurse.

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Thanks for the update Mayflower, it sounds like that jobs freeze came at just the right time for you

ICU isn't for everyone, I loved it but totally understand how some nurses miss the contact that you get with ward patients


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